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The Second World War presented a new change to the world’s course of history. The war lasted for almost six years that resulted in the loss of property and lives in various parts of the world. It is today considered to be one of the most gruesome wars in humankind history. We remember the War by the Holocaust involving genocide of more than 6 million Jews in Europe by Nazi Germany and the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima by the United States. There are, however, several causes as well as effects that have continued to elude most people and most are ignorant about in the present day. This essay will focus on the effects and causes of the Second World War.


The Second World War was a fight between to military alliances. The Axis comprised of Italy, Japan, and Germany among others. The allies comprised of the United States, Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom among others. There is numerous cause of this war, but the most crucial were the bitterness of the First World War that made nation’s division into the two groups. Germany under the Treaty of Versailles was to be restricted to its military aspects so that it does not wage another war. Also, the treaty expected Germany to pay huge sums of money to the Allied powers. Germans were not happy about this for it meant major economic constraints and also a loss of national pride.


The rise of Nazism and Hitler was another cause in which the Germans saw Adolf Hitler to be the savior of the nation. Hitler also introduced the concept of Nazism a type of socialism characterized by expansionism and racism. The concept called for the obedience of Hitler who was a symbol of a strong leader. Hitler also earned essential allies from Japan and Italy. Another significant cause of the WW2 is the rise of Fascism and Benito Mussolini in Italy. Fascism is a concept characterized by totalitarianism, racism and violence and had a close relationship with Hitters Nazism. Thus, both Mussolini and Hitler became the symbolic leaders of war fighting against the Allied Powers. They later formed the Rome-Berlin Axis Pact in 1937 and went ahead to forge a military alliance.


There were gruesome effects of the WW1, but the WW2 had much worse outcomes. The causalities were unparallel to any other in the history of humanity. More than 25 million soldiers and 55 million civilians died in this war. Millions were also left homeless. Over six million Jews died in the Holocaust that was orchestrated and sponsored by Adolf Hitler. Apart from the Jews, the Slavs, Poles, Romanian gypsies, and homosexuals who were non-Jews were killed in the same genocide. It is because Nazis saw them as the minority groups.

Another effect was the redrawing of new borders among the European countries. The Soviet Union was the greatest beneficiary in bounder drawing. It annexed parts of Poland, Finland, Germany and Japan including some independent states as parts of its boundaries. Germany was the worst affected nation in boundary drawing. The country’s subdivision was into to four parts each controlled by Great Britain, Soviet Union, United States and France. It was until the realization that the revival of the entire Europe depended on the revival of the industrial base of German that there was the removal of these boundaries. Lastly is the formation of the United Nations as an effect of WW2. The allied nations formed the united Nation as an organization to promote security and peace in the world.

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