Working as a Systems Analyst in Gannu Software, Inc

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Iteration 1: Orientation in Gannu Software Inc


As a recruit at the Gannu Software Inc, I would begin with an introduction to the organization. The aim of having the orientation is to reduce the anxiety and creating the good motive of working within the company (Kanye& Crous, 2007). I planned to hold meetings to get familiarized with the company operations, principles as well as the employee conduct ethics. Apart from holding meetings, the movement within the firm would be the method of familiarization. That would help to have a practical knowledge of the structure of the company, something that would be essential to supplement the theoretical knowledge. The first meeting would take place with the head of the human resource manager and the second with the intern coordinator who will also involve other relevant personnel so as to aid in getting the required knowledge on the other a1reas.

I planned to make sure that I made some prior preparations like searching the Internet with the aim of getting relevant information on Gannu Software Inc. The information that would be crucial in that case would be the one that would be acquired from the examination of the company’s profile since company profiles are usually found online. That profile would also entail the company principles, the working ethics of the employees, the operations, its strategies, its key performance indicators and the major areas of focus. The information acquires from the Web would also be used as a guideline for making inquiries from my resource persons so as to enhance my orientation into the company and make it more successful than it would have been without that prior knowledge.


The iteration was to commence on June 7 through to June 9, 2016. Before that, particularly on June 5 and June 6, 2016, I carried out some search on the websites so as to garner information from those websites concerning the company and use it is a guideline for making further inquiries from the staffs that would be orienting me into the company. I also set out the goals of this iteration because those goals are the ones that would offer me direction from one point to another and to act as a checklist for my orientation process.

I held a meeting with the company’s human resource personnel on June 7, 2016. That is the first person that usually new interns or even employees interact with when they join a given company. They helped to shed much light on the history, the strategies, the key performance indicators, the position of the company on the market, and the employee ethics. In essence, they addressed all the queries regarding the company, its production, and the human resources.

On June 8, 2016, through to June 9, 2016, I also held a series of meetings that were being directed by the interns’ coordinator in the company. The coordinator helped me to complete some biometrics and then guided other relevant staffs to orient me on their specific areas that entailed briefing me of the duties in which I would have involvement and the way the company operates.  Through the same, I got much knowledge that supplemented the one that I had gained from the meeting with the human resource personnel. I was also walked through the enterprise premises to examine its physical structure.


The intern observed that the orientation session is an essential session that aims at making the intern become familiarized with the way a given company operates before one begins to carry out any business in the company. The orientation of new employees in a company is a process that is imperative to the organization as well as the ones being oriented (Marcum& West, 2004). It creates an arena where the company gets a chance of completing the necessary paperwork and begins acquiring productivity from the new interns or employees. Through the internship, the intern also gets to familiarizing oneself with the new surroundings as well as find out their exact job duties (Tovey, 2001). It is a session that ought to be directed by the human resource manager as he/she is the one that is responsibility with recruitment and hiring into the company.

I also observed that the internship manual is very important in the intern orientation. The manual incorporates the crucial information needed by the interns including the organization’s policies, the principles, and the information regarding the organization benefits, the organization’s history, and the organization name directory among other information (Sanders & Kleiner, 2002).  The information I received from the orientation would be helpful to me as a new intern in the company since it set a good starting point for me and eliminated any anxiety that I had regarding the company. When one gets it right from the orientation session, even the rest of his/her works in the given organization goes on smoothly without any difficulty (Pianko, 1996).


The orientation or induction of newcomers of a given organization is a session that should never be ignored since it gets them prepared to handle the tasks in which they will get involvement while they work in and for the company. The prior search on the websites got me well prepared for the task that was at hand regarding the orientation into Gannu Software Inc as a new intern.  The orientation session also helped me to do away with all the anxiety that I had and so had to focus on my duties and responsibilities in the company as a new intern involved in system analysis. The orientation was crucial to me as an intern in system analysis since the system analyst must have the knowledge of a company’s vision, mission, objectives, strategies and all the information concerning the company so as to design the required solutions(Yang & Cheng, 2009).

The way the orientation was arranged helped me to grasp the concepts well without any confusion. The people that wee directing the orientation including the human resource manager and the interns’ coordinator were very helpful during this orientation session into Gannu Software Inc. However, due to the much information that I was required to gain in light of my new duties as a system analyst, the time that was dedicated for the intern was not enough for me to obtain all the relevant information that would help me in understanding my duties well. I thus intended to leverage the forthcoming sessions and get a thorough knowledge and insight into my duties as I get to acquire the necessary information left out in the orientation session.


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