Working at McDonalds

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The overall assertion by Amitai Etzioni is that working at McDonald’s by kids is bad for their personal and career development.   One of the studies suggests that almost two-thirds of the American high school juniors, as well as seniors, are holding part-time jobs which are mainly in the fast food chains with McDonald’s being the pioneer. One of the longest standing American traditions is that the teenagers out to get paying jobs, with the teenagers expected to learn of the sweetness that comes from enjoying the outcomes of their labor as well as self-discipline. Closer assessment of the case, however, establishes that McDonald model of a job is highly un-educational in some ways.

It follows that the jobs at MacDonald greatly veer off the intended objectives of offering opportunities for entrepreneurship and self-discipline, self-supervision along with self-discipline. The common attribute that is in these jobs is the fact that they are greatly structured, in what is commonly referred to as being chiefly routinized. The working hours in the establishment are long, with those between the ages of 14 and 17 working for more than 30 hours a week. The supervision that is employed in the establishment is both tight as well as woefully inappropriate, with the common trend being that as they try to cut the operational costs, the teens are supervising fellow teens without any adult guidance on the premises. There is no mother or father figure to offer guidance that the teenagers should emulate.

Part Two

The desire and objective of every workplace are to make profits from their investments through the productivity of the employees. It is thus right to say that the attainment of the objectives of the business revolves around the development of an employee commitment base, which is fully invested in their jobs and committed to their employers (Isles, 2013). The case for the teen employees who are working in establishments as McDonalds is not different as the focus by the establishments should be in ensuring that the cultivate a crop of committed employees, focused towards the attainment of the organizational goals.

The success of the establishment is dependent on possession of employees who are productive, who have the ability to drive higher customer satisfaction and additionally outperform their counterparts who are less engaged. In that case, it is the responsibility of McDonalds to ensure that they design appropriate remuneration pancakes for teenagers working on their establishment on part-time as a way of ensuring that the teenagers see the value of their work (Isles, 2013).

Other than overworking the teenagers, it should be the responsibility of McDonalds to design their work environments in a manner that is going to promote their safety, ensure that they are comfortable and additionally that the environment is appealing to their work. As means of promoting the wellness of the teenagers working in their establishment, they should offer well-equipped gym along with other facilities that are going to encourage the young employees to move physically and thus promoting their fitness (Friedman, 2014). The organization should ensure that the supervisors are well as the managers are held responsible for the wellness and development of these young employees. The assessment of the effectiveness of the managers and supervisors should be dependent on how they can motivate the positive development of the young employees. Also, the young employees at McDonalds should be provided with progressive opportunities as well as incentives to learn, develop as well as grow both in the development of new job-specific hard as well as the soft skill that promotes their effectiveness as individuals and managers.


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