War and Terrorism

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An interesting article is the “The national security strategy of the United States of America” by former President George Bush. In the article, the author focuses on terrorist attacks and the main responsibility of the nation and all its citizens is counterterrorism. The country must safeguard all its citizens and property as fiercely as their enemies. According to Bush (2002), the enemies see the outcomes of civilized nations and use terrorism to accomplish its goals. The country must use all its resources and collaborate with likeminded nations and organizations in the pursuit of terrorists within the country and outside the borders.

I strongly agree with the author that it is the responsibility of the US to be in the forefront in the fight against terrorism so as to protect its citizens and their property inside and outside the borders of the US. It is because the nation can formulate suitable strategies and interventions that can get employed to stop terrorist attacks before they take place. Also, although there have been many terrorist attacks outside the borders of America, most of the attacks have a connection to the US whether relating to the target individuals or the place targeted.

Other articles conform to the main idea of the article. They state that terrorism is a significant problem that should get dealt with all available resources. A bin Laden’s letter to America (was a terrorist) state the reasons why the war against terrorism has just started and why the citizens are facing a severe threat as a target. It’s a notable effort by world scholars and authors to inform as well as the importance of counterterrorism. The fight against terrorism might not have got won yet; however, there is a strong will among the citizens as well as friends of the US.


Bush, George W. The national security strategy of the United States of America. EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT WASHINGTON DC, 2002.

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