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The Social Media enables users to correspond, collaborate and connect with others in an active conversation (Ressler and Glazer, 2010). The main power of the social media is with its ability to provide real-time information to a large number of recipients in an easy way. Ressler and Glazer, (2010) shows that nurses are agents of change. At the same time, we need to be skilled communicators and collaborators. Thus, nurses are held accountable in applying our knowledge in nursing to ensure the health of the public (Ressler, and Glazer, 2010).

That means that nurses are health educators who are cognizant of advocating for behavioral change as well as health promotion. Usually, when such information is necessary for the public through the traditional educational forms, they end up having very limited success. As nurses, we need to make use of internet connectivity through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, texting, credible websites and opinion editorial so that we cover a wide range of audiences using computers, wireless devices, and their smartphones. It means that nurses have to fulfill the needs of the growing readership interested in health information websites and online engagement. Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter among other social media channels enable users to comment on the post. Thus, media tools are vital aspects that I should use in promoting connection, collaborations, and conversation of healthcare matters to a diverse audience. Most specifically I can use the blogs, Twitter Facebook among other forms of the social media to influence the public opinion of my policy priority. I will use the social media as a platform for helping me to gain greater skills and understanding of professional communication in matters of health policy, nursing ethics, and patient privacy and to improve my nursing competencies (Ressler, and Glazer, 2010).

I will show my awareness on matters relating to modern day healthcare systems and advocate for better changes. My experience in nursing practice in the present time will, therefore, be crucial in motivating policy makers and other groups to take up the advocacy role of influencing change in laws, policies and regulations that are vital for governing the whole healthcare system. Thus, my role in using the social media is crucial in my policy advocacy role that necessitates going beyond my nursing practice as I join a new and less familiar role of politics and policy (Abood, 2007).

It is commonly the world whereby many nurses are less comfortable and prepared to operate effectively in it. The main issues of electronic and media social networking that I have to have are; the will, power, energy, time and political skills that are necessary for attracting new people into the legislative arena. I will expand my networking through my ability to exert influence in a successful manner in a wide range of health care policy decisions. It is by taking advantage of the opportunities of nursing perspectives on health care issues that require the need to know where and when to exert my influence (Abood, 2007). Social networking is a highly effective mechanism that enables for the cultivation of timely communication, building professional connections and as a means of informing and educating healthcare professionals and consumers. Thus, as a nurse I will use social networking sites, blogs, online chat rooms, video systems and forums to communicate both professionally and personally with patients and families and other nurses. I will use the social media in a responsible manner so enable friendly interface with other healthcare professionals (Spector, and Kappel, 2012).


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