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Second Iteration: Understanding UNIX Operating System


UNIX administration quite depends on the knowledge of the UNIX operating system. This outlines the activity of ensuring that I take some time to have a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of the UNIX operating systems. This provides the overview of how I will undertake the configurations and become a complete UNIX administrator. Having a comprehensive understanding of the UNIX operating system will not be complete without reading books, journals, and other relevant magazines. Additionally, I will not do this on my own since I will seek clarification and advice from the chief UNIX administrator at Ventois Inc.

Among the things that I will do is visiting the company’s library where I will borrow books, journals, and magazines on which UNIX operating systems is written. Having borrowed the reading materials, I will embark on the systematic process of trying to understand the major concepts and knowledge of UNIX operating systems. I understand that my learning and understanding of the UNIX operating systems will not come out in the best way without having a guide. Therefore, I will create a timetable and a schedule thus helping me to arrange for the available time in the best way possible.

Besides referring to books, journals, and magazines, I will also consult information technology personnel with knowledge of UNIX administration and specifically UNIX operating systems. I am expecting to get as much knowledge as possible as possible from them. Additionally, I will do thorough Internet searches on UNIX administrations and UNIX operating systems for more knowledge.


I could not have started the learning activity of trying to have a comprehensive understanding of UNIX operating systems without having reference materials. As I had planned, I visited the library at Ventois Inc. where I was going to do my internship. Since I did not know where I was going to collect the books, journals, and the magazines, I consulted the librarian who was willing to help me. The librarian directed me to the section of the library where I was going to collect books, journals, and magazines on UNIX administration and operating systems. Furthermore, the librarian showed me some sites where I was going to get more information on UNIX administration and operating systems.

Passing through the reference materials and Internet searches, I found out that the UNIX operating systems is comprised of three parts of:

  1. Kernel
  2. Shell
  • Programs (Tools and applications)

I crosschecked all the books, journals, and magazines thus ensuring that I was not learning something that was not uniform in all the sources. I dedicated each of the components three days. I started with Kernel as the first component where after three days I had studied most of the things about it. The next three days was for the shell after which I studied the programs thus completing studying within nine days. I answered questions relating to the operating system in the tenth day through the help of the chief UNIX administrator at the company and the Internet searches.


According to my observations, there is no better way of learning something new except through referencing materials such as books, journals, magazines, and other relevant materials. Additionally, the reference materials should be collected from relevant sources such as the Library albeit with the help of the librarian. Furthermore, my observation led me to conclude that it is advisable to consult those people who have knowledge of the thing or the topic one is studying. I understand that I would not have learned most of the things I learned later without consulting the librarian and the UNIX administrator at Ventois Inc.

Going through the books, I observed that UNIX is an operating system just like Windows, but it was first developed in the 1960s. I also observed that the operating system has constantly been developing since its first development in the 1960s. UNIX being operating system has a suite of programs which make the computer work the way it works. Additionally, I observed that UNIX operating system is a stable, multi-user, multi-tasking operating system suitable for servers, laptops, and desktops.

The chief UNIX administrator at Ventois Inc is very experienced. He explained to me that UNIX operating system has a similar graphical user interface (GUI) to Microsoft Windows thus providing users with an easy computing environment. However, users require knowledge of UNIX operating systems to be able to operate and which graphical program does not cover or for when there is no availability of Windows interface such as in the telnet session. According to what I observed, I would not have learned the above without the help of the librarian, UNIX administrator, and the Internet searches.


There were many ways through which I would have learned UNIX operating systems. However, there is no better way than which I used and finally got the excellent outcomes just like I had planned. The second iteration provided a perfect learning opportunity for me. I do not think there is another method I would have employed to get results as effective as what I got. I would probably not have known what entails UNIX as an operating system just like Windows, Mac OS, or Android. I would also not have been able to interact with the librarian and the UNIX administrator at Ventois Inc if I had not applied this particular method.

My success in the second iteration can be attributed to the effort I put before I embarked on the process. The success can be traced from the first time I visited the library to collect the books, journals, and magazines to the last minute of the learning activities. Although the success is collective, it should be understood that it was made of other minute successes within the chain and the process of learning the UNIX operating system. It should also be understood there were sometimes where I experienced failures within the learning process.

Learning and understanding UNIX operating system was a process. There were some things which did not go according to the initial plan. I feel that I did not consult as much as I would have wanted. Had I consulted, I would have had better results than what I got finally. I also feel that I would have learned and accumulated more knowledge about UNIX operating system than I got finally. However, at the same time, I feel that the failures did not have a significant effect on the overall outcomes of the process.

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