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write up to 7 journals based on biblical verses of the day.  select at least 2-3verses no matter its size.  The verses should be selected based on interest or controversy. look at various different translations of those verses and examine how there are differences. The entry should be 1- double spaced pages and should discuss what the differences in historical context could mean for the interpretation of the text and whether or not there are striking similarities or differences in translation. There should also be a discussion hon how the differences in translation could affect the interpretation of the verse.  This could be as large as changing the word adultery for fornication or as little as using but instead of and.You can compare the English with the Arabic to see if there are any differences.  Pick chapters from the readings on the syllabus and compare some of the verses.

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this is the syllabus that have verses

T Mar 5: Eunuchs: Tadmor, H. “Was the Biblical saris a Eunuch?” and Genesis 39

(Additional Reading: “When a beard is just a beard.”)

R Mar 8: J. Cooper, “Virginity in Mesopotamia.”

(Additional Reading, Rivkah Harris, “The naditu women.”)

March 12-16 Spring Break

T Mar 20: Tikva Frymer-Kensky, “Virginity in the Bible.” and Laws about Virginity: Deuteronomy 22

(Additional Reading, Koltun-Fromm, N. “Sexuality and Holiness: Semitic Christian and Jewish Conceptualizations of Sexual Behavior”)


R Feb 22: Deuteronomy 23, 1 Kings 12:26-33, and article about Temple Prostitutes

T Mar 27: Genesis 38: 11-30 and Schneider, “Tamar,” Mothers of Promise.

Violence and Incest

R Mar 29: Genesis 34 and Rediger Schulte

T April 3: 2 Samuel 13:1-22/Genesis 37

R April 5: Judges 19 and Rediger Schulte and Schneider, “The Absence of the Deity in Rape Scenes of the Hebrew Bible”

T April 10: 2 Samuel 11

R April 12:  Read Genesis 9:20-27, 12:10-13, 19: 29-38, Leviticus 18 

Sexual Expression

T April 17:  Erotic Poetry of the ANE

R April 19: Song of Songs

Homosexuality and Queer Readings:

T April 24: Nissinen, Homoeroticism 19-36 (will talk about Inanna and Ishtar today)

(Additional Readings J. Cooper, “Buddies in Babylon”)

R April 26: Leviticus 18 and Leviticus 20 and Ken Stone article

T May 1: Genesis 18 and 19: 1-29

R May 3: David and Jonathan: 1 Samuel 18-20/2 Samuel 1

T May 8: Something from the Queer Bible Commentary

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