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The United States is one of the super power nations with a high rate of immigration and visitation due to numerous favorable conditions in many sectors ranging from employment to education to health. The problem of immigration in the United States in some of the borders is so severe that the country faces a security threat. Various reasons contribute to the immigration to the United States.

One of the major reasons that contribute to immigration to America is high levels of poverty in some of the neighboring countries. Poverty in those countries gets contributed by elevated levels of unemployment in the low economy countries as compared to the United States. The people risk crossing the borders illegally seeking for greener pastures and employment opportunities as well as gain financial stability in the US. Poverty also leads to poor living standards and lack of access to medical care hence prompting individuals to move to the US. For instance, the rates of unemployment in Mexico rose from 2.2 in 2000 to 5.37 in 2010. The families live in great poverty hence travel to the US for better prospects. Most of the immigrants who are in the US provide non-skilled labor that includes working in farms as well as industries.

Political instability and violence in some countries also contribute high immigration rates in the US. Families and individuals immigrate to the US for fear of losing their lives in the war and conflicts in their countries. The US is a politically stable nation with low levels of violence. African nations contribute to a large number of individuals immigrating to the United States due to political instability in the countries. The US has changing immigration policies that favor immigrants to move to the US.

A high crime rate in neighboring nations also is another reason behind the high immigration rates. For instance, the homicide rates in Mexico is approximately 10-14 per 100, 000 people. Drug-related crimes, as well as gang-related crimes, also contribute major to the immigration. The US is extremely secure with a robust law enforcement agency thus with a controlled and manageable crime rate.

The climate of various countries, as well as the high probability to severe natural catastrophes and other environmental factors, also contributes to high immigration rates. For instance, Mexico has an extensive arid area and a severe water shortage hence cannot support many economic activities such as farming, hence forcing the habitats to migrate to the US. Mexico is also prone to natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes that destroy peoples’ homesteads and due to the lack of proper disaster management measures such as in the US, the inhabitants most of the inhabitants get forced to migrate to other parts including the US.

Individuals also escape to the US and other regions to escape the past or future persecutions based on political, ethnic, race, religion, nationality or membership in certain social and political settings. These persons receive refugee status or asylum not only in the US but also in most other nations. Asylum seekers in America seek the status upon arrival.

Another major factor leading to high migration to the US is the pursuit of better education and also higher education. The US has many universities, colleges and schools that offer quality education. These adventurous students arrive from all around the globe to pursue the education that is not available in the countries or to just experience the high-class education offered in America. Social reasons such as marriage also contribute to a large number of persons moving to the US. It has become possible due to increased long-distance relationships and online dating.

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