The Suffering of Immigrants from the LGBTQ community in USA

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The essay related to the book Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin. You don’t have to make all related to the essay but use quotes from this book to support the essay and make it a bit related.
– the essay should be about imigrantes from the LGBTQ community and how they are struggling to live in USA.
– please don’t copy paste from the Internet.
– you could use as many quotes as you want as long as you make it related to the book “Giovanni’s Room”

While your particular topic might determine your format, the traditional structure of an
academic paper is likely to be useful to you as you outline and organize the essay. Many English
instructors call this the “Five Paragraph Essay”—while five paragraphs probably won’t work for
the length of essay that you’re writing for this course, the model can still be helpful (you’ll just
want to be mindful to add new paragraphs if and when needed):
1. In the introductory paragraph, introduce the topic you are discussing, the text/film, and
the creator of the work.
2. Include a thesis statement that makes a specific argument about the work:
a. Bad: “A boy named Conor is the protagonist of A Monster Calls.”
b. Good: “In A Monster Calls, the protagonist, Conor, represents innocence in
the face of the undeniably harsh truths of the human condition.”
3. In two to four body paragraphs, construct your argument supporting your thesis. Every
body paragraph should make a smaller argument that supports the larger argument found
in your thesis (this argument should be made clear in a topic sentence). Each body
paragraph (not the introduction or conclusion) should contain examples/quotations
from the text and should provide analysis in your own words. Quotes should be selected
for their quality and content, not their length. In other words, you should be citing your
source often but do not rely entirely on quotes to build your essay. And again, one last
time—do not include quotes in your introduction or conclusion. Your reader wants
to see you beginning and ending your essay with your own thoughts and perspectives.
4. In a final paragraph, summarize your argument and its conclusion. Suggest what the
implication of your conclusion is for the entire text. This is not the place for you to
continue bringing in new evidence and data. Sum up your essay.

Because you have completed the prerequisites for this course (ENGL 101 and ENGL 102) and
have been introduced to MLA format, you are expected to complete this assignment
appropriately. If you need extra help with MLA format, visit the WSU Writing Center (Lindquist
Hall, 601) or send me a short email. Complete this MLA checklist before you submit your
A header with your last name and the page number appears in the upper right-hand corner of
every page. (Example: Cole 1)
Your entire paper (including your header) is 12-point Times New Roman font and double
spaced throughout. Please remove extra spaces between paragraphs of the same style. (If you
don’t know how to change this, please refer to the “Essay Format” section in the course
Your first page includes your name, your instructor’s name, the course name, and the
MLA date in the upper left-hand corner of the page:

All quotations from your text include in-text citations.
Example: “Quote text will appear here” (Author’s Last Name Page #).
Example: “All was well” (Rowling 722).
On a separate page that appears at the end of your paper, you have included a Works Cited
page (or Work Cited page if you only have one entry) with a complete MLA citation for the
work that you are discussing.
Book: Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of
Publication. Medium of Publication.
Short Story: Lastname, Firstname. “Title of Short Story.” Title of Book. City of
Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Page Range. Medium of
PLEASE NOTE: MLA citation generators are often inaccurate. It is very important that you
check that the citation is done properly.

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