The problem of security of social media

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the topic of research proposal is problem of security of social media with five reference (Harvard style) and each reference you will write Annotated bibliography and literature review.

Research proposal : Your proposal should cover the following sections:
a. the title,
b. the background,
c. the critical review of literature or theoretical framework of the study
d. objectives or aims,
e. the methodology and procedure of the study,
f. implications or significance of the problem,
g. expected outcomes and
h. references (recommend to use Harvard referencing, but other proper bio styles are also
In item c, you critically review these papers you selected in Part A and write a review as a section of research proposal, including
. briefly describe these works,
. describe the significance and contribution of each paper and compare them,
. describe the limitations, and
. identify a research problem you want to address.
2. Survey – Questionnaires : With the research problem in mind, create questionnaires to collect the information you want to use to derive the answer or solution to your research problem. No open question is allowed. Your questionnaires should consist of at least ten questions. Find at least ten people who can answer your questions and collect their answers. Must use the online survey system: and provide the URL of your survey website for assessment.
Keep in mind that you will adopt a coding method in your qualitative analysis; therefore, you should embed proposed code words in your questionnaires.
3. Qualitative analysis :
With the data collected in task 2, you now follow the following procedure to carry out your
qualitative analysis based on the coding approach:
a. Disassembling (using a proper coding method),
b. Reassembling (using multi-level coding to derive a conclusion),
c. Interpreting and
d. Concluding.

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