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Networks speeds are likely to either die or live. Users should know the speeds that they expect from their networks. Additionally, they should be in a strategic position to determine the patterns and anomalies of the Internet connections and what causes them. One of the most prevalent complaints from Internet users is that “My network is slow.” But a question could be asked what is slow? A user could be defenseless if they do not have metrics and measures of the network. This paper is going to build the picture of the network patterns (Clímaco & Craveirinha, 2011).

My connection had both wired and wireless connections. According to my observations, the wired connections had high Internet speeds during early hours of the morning and late nights. However, it was different with wireless connections which maintained consistency all the time. The rate at which downloading was happening was different based on the time while the speed of uploading was consistent. The rate of the speed of the network was consistent while pinging on another laptop. However, the time of pinging differed significantly if the system in use was not close enough to the router.

Network Speed Table

Week Date




Ping Upload speed Download speed
Week 1 05/10/2016 0712 Hours 10 23.53 25.25
Week 1 05/11/2016 0233 Hours 10 05.06 13.97
Week 1 05/12/2016 1010 Hours 14 29.14 57.84
Week 2 05/17/2016 0936 Hours 19 12.12 24.00
Week 2 05/18/2016 0115 Hours 19 11.98 24.62
Week 2 05/19/2016 1022 Hours 17 12.20 27.58
Week 3 05/22/2016 0920 Hours 19 8.24 15.81
Week 3 05/24/2016 0152 Hours 21 7.58 9.98
Week 3 05/27/2016 0942 Hours 46 12.12 10.30


According to the observations that I made, it is conclusive that the Internet speed is high in wireless connections. Additionally, the rate at which downloading happened was high at some times depending on how many devices were connected to the router. The speed of uploading remained same. There was variance in the ping according to the distance of the laptop from the router. A user should never mind the connection speed of the Internet. However, they should measure the consistency of the Internet connection. Additionally, knowing that the speed of one’s Internet is slow without having comprehensive means of helping resolve the problem has very little value to the user.


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