Teaching children about letter G

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Activity Summary

I commenced my mentorship sessions at Mueller Elementary School on Monday 20th June 2016 from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm. It was my first mentorship session, and I looked forward to benefiting from it as well as help the students with learning activities. I was required to mentor the class alongside the regular teacher.  I was assigned a kindergarten class, and the activity was teaching children about letter G by drawing, painting, singing, and dancing. The other activity was developing some building by LEGO. I had to learn the nature of the students before my mentorship session. I visited the classroom, and I realized that many students had challenges in pronouncing and using letter G in their communication. Children enjoy playing together, and thus it was an opportune moment to learn about letter G through drawing, painting, singing, and dancing. We also used LEGO, which are lines of plastic construction toys in learning how to build some. The students find it easy to learn and understand different concepts when they apply the things they interact with on a day-to-day basis.

Evaluative Thinking

The mentoring session lasted for two hours, and I had already identified some limitations. The time allocated for the mentoring session was adequate to help the students learn letter G and also use LEGO. However, I was limited by the resources provided for teaching and also instructed to use low tones during singing to avoid making noise. A way to overcome the limitation was to request for adequate resources before the session and also have it outside the classroom to avoid disturbing others.

Another limitation was that I was required to have the mentorship session under close supervision by the teacher. It was hard for the students to have freedom and benefit fully from the learning experience using LEGO and other methods due to the fear of their teacher. A plan to overcome the limitation was to request the teacher to send another representative to the mentorship session who would take notes for reflection.

Divergent Thinking

The main objective of having the mentorship session was to teach the students about letter G in a way that was easy to understand. I knew that the students are not at the same level of learning since some are slow learners and others have physical disorders. Thus, I had to be selective in the resources I used and also the techniques used to teach. I also required being aware of the distraction associated with having the outdoor activities. I had to monitor the students continually to ensure that they benefited from the session.

Convergent Thinking

After the completion of the first mentoring session, I had acquired beneficial skills in teachings like listening, and communication. Kindergarten students are slow learners and the teacher ought to be patient with them. It would be challenging to learn the skills without interacting with students in their physical settings. My mentoring session was a success because the students learned a lot about letter G. The teacher also commented on a marked improvement by the students upon undergoing the mentorship session. The session enhanced my understanding about proper handling of young students to avoid conflicts.

Cognitive Memory

The mentoring session was a good opportunity to assess my abilities in handling kindergarten students and engage them in learning. My mentorship session was more of interactive other than instruction since I wanted to understand more about the students to form a basis for the next sessions. The students exuded the fear they had at the beginning and developed a liking for what we did together. The choice of the teaching method was appropriate, and I planned to apply it to the next sessions. I hope that the students will acquire more from the mentorship sessions.

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