Task-Annual Survey

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The NYC Department of Education (NYC DOE) mandates all the schools to administer a survey to the parent body for evaluation on the nature of service delivery. The survey provides effective feedback used by the department to evaluate each school. Following the obligation, TEP Charter School seeks to ensure that at least 95% of the parent body participates in the survey. The design of the process entails the process of distributing the survey to the parents, the collection of the survey by the school, tracking data, and plan for follow up for the families who did not take part in the survey.

TEP Charter School will organize a Parent-teacher interactive conference which will be an opportune moment to distribute the survey forms. The conference will be scheduled for a night session when most of the parents are not held up in their day busy schedules. It will be important to ensure that the parents are comfortable and in a serene environment that favors the learning of their children. A good environment enhances the educational goal attainment of the learners.

The room for the conference will have decorations in green that includes the flowers, table cloths, and the balloons. The survey questionnaires will also have a green code as well as the box to collect the completed forms. The collection box will be placed in an open and raised platform, easily spotted by all the parents from every corner of the room. The parents will be issued with the surveys before the conference date to have adequate time to complete them. On entrance to the conference, there will be a checkpoint in which every parent will be required to show their completed forms before being allowed to take a seat.

The main target is to have a majority of the parents fill out the survey before they attend the conference. Thus, none of them will get their child’s report card before they submit the completed survey form. Before the conference, there will be adverts and reminders to the parents of the need to complete the surveys in advance. It will be to have the parents register their child’s identity number on a separate sheet upon submission of the completed forms. The strategy helps to keep track of those who participated and those who did not. After submitting the completed forms, the parents will not go back to their initial sitting positions for easy identification of those who will not submit the forms.

In many circumstances, the parent-teacher conferences do not have a 100 % attendance. Thus, it will be important to contact the parents who fail to attend. I will liaise with the guidance and counseling office to organize a meeting with the parent to discuss the issue as well as the progress of the student throughout the session. The meeting will also involve a discussion of the child’s discipline and the appropriate method to adopt to ensure improvement. It will be a good opportunity to have the parents fill out the survey and forward it to the collection box. The strategy will be appropriate to get in touch with the parents who did not submit their duly completed forms as required during the conference night.


As a requirement by the NYC Department of Education, the completed surveys serve to evaluate the school and the mode of operations. From the design discussed in the essay, there is a high expectation of a good turn-up and participation of the majority of the parents in the survey. The data collected helps to provide a clear image of the school according to the parent’s perspectives.

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