Sport-Related Challenge

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Illegal Challenge

Sports challenges include a situation where an athlete team is involved in illegal activities. The irregularities get spread on social media. Entire scandal gets known by various people and individuals throughout the world. Fans and the general public learn irregularities implemented by the favorite team or popular club. International bodies and organization considers the impact of such scandal and have a high level of lack of trust with the particular team involved. Results of illegal activities practiced within a team leads to disruption of team unity (Allen, & Coral, 2013). The situation leads to lack of unity, separation, and members resign from the team.

Problem-Solving Model

Best model to deal with illegal activities, as well as problems of destroying coordination and cooperation within the team, is the use of Sleepe model. It minimizes effects and causes of an organization losing its confidentiality among fans and the general public may.  Sleepe methodology can be applied to revive power to continue and restore the glory of the team (Ivancevich et al., 1997). sleepe model provides the six guidelines towards making effective and efficient decisions.

  1. Social aspects examine social impacts of decision taken by entire team members
  2. Legal aspect considers decisions potential to cause a violation of laws as well as bleaching of organization policies, rules and regulations governing entire team.
  3. Economic aspects analyses impact created within the organization as a result of taking a particular decision.
  4. Ethical aspects consider all members ethical issues to enhance proper utilization and performance of groups within an organization. It analyzes the impact of members behaviors in influencing conditions of a team.
  5. Political aspects consider decisions of a group that can influence and exert power among fans, government authorities and general public.
  6. Education aspects provide consideration of impacts that can be induced by training, educating members and the appreciating need for encouraging civil education.

Systematic Strategy for Ameliorating the Challenge

The first step involved is defining problem or challenge through discussing, brainstorming and gathering information. Communicating and listening to one another is a tool used in problem determination (Yale ed, 2015).

Determining cause of Problem

Involves getting to know and identify what triggered identified the problem to occur. Symptoms and reasons for problem existence are analyzed (Yale ed, 2015).

Develop Alternative Solutions

Identify all possible solutions by exploring all viable solutions. The process involves generating as many potential solutions as possible. Then relating solutions to the cause of the problem and finally merge related and similar solutions together (Yale ed, 2015).

 Select Solution

Involve evaluating and validating outlined solutions by analyzing solutions strengths and weaknesses. Criteria applied to select solution include determining feasibility and acceptability by policies and standards of organization (Yale ed, 2015).

Implementing Solution

This stage involves planning for action to take while implementing selected option. Implementation of solution-n incorporates defining resources, scope and time to implement the solution (Yale ed, 2015).

Evaluating Outcome

Final process involves evaluating outcome through monitoring effects of changes induced in within the organization. Revision and review of solution can be performed to implement most effective and efficient operation worth in company (Yale ed, 2015).

Sleep model provides direct involvement of entire team members at all levels of decision-making. It allows communication to take place and exchange various views during solution implementation processes. Feedback can easily be obtained and gathered during discussion sessions.   The processes are procedural in nature and take a cycle iteration providing chances for reviewing the decision made for perfect results.

Figure 1: problem solving process using Sleepe model

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