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When considering my definition of marriage, it is when two people share a mutual understanding, love, respect, and wish to make the relationship with one another primary. I do not believe that a paper and a physical ceremony do qualify as a marriage. Marriage is not just a union between a man and a woman; however, it is a promise between two adults to support one another, try their best to understand each other, and face and solve problems together. My intimate relationship has influenced my definition of marriage. In my intimate relationship, I understand that it is only through support, respect, and love that you can commit yourself to one person, and that qualifies as a marriage. From the definition I gathered from older people, they claimed that marriage involved commitment and being willing to support each other. The definition of marriage that I received from my friends consisted of intimacy and starting a family; therefore, I can conclude that there is a difference in understanding of marriage and family in different ages.

  1. The sociable type is likely to experience conflict communication. A sociable type is one who likes to be around others or even enjoy having a conversation with others. These are friendly people, and they like pleasing others. Since it is unlikely to please everyone, it is likely for a person with this personality to experience conflict communication.
  2. It is possible to use different interpersonal communication styles in a different relationship. The interpersonal communication is usually shaped by the nature of the relationship between communicators.
  3. Men and women do communicate differently. In this case, it is easy for a man to understand another man easily because they tend to relate to the issue, and the same happens in women. For women they use communication to explore and organize their thoughts while men tend to prioritize efficiency and productivity in their life.
  4. The resource theory of power is useful as it indicates that opening up access to resources for women outside the family can result in an even distribution of power in the family.
  5. The social exchange theory tends to relate to the resource theory of power as both theories tend to suggest that human interaction is an exchange of resources, which means that intimacy is a resource to invest or receive.
  6. Family conflict can be positive in the fact that it can lead to change, and the conflict tends to increase the awareness of the problem that needs solving. Family conflict can be negative as it may lead to more conflict and break the family.
  7. With conflict theory, it may not focus more on affective communication since the thoughts and opinions are relevant to this communication. Functionalism theory would pay attention to affective communication, and symbolic interaction would like to pay more attention as it tends to focus on expressing body language.


Wife: “I believe in keeping separate accounts. This way, we are both responsible for our spending, and contributing to the household account fairly.”

Husband: “Separate accounts are a waste of time. It isn’t like we’re rich. The money we have goes out as fast as it goes in. What’s the point?”

In this situation, the couple needs to discuss the situation that they are facing and the moment and allow each other to explain why they are supporting what they are doing. In doing this, they will be able to understand each other’s point of view and from that, they will be able to decide what the best solution is for both of them.

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