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I agree with the definition that the writer provided in this paragraph regarding marriage. The writer tends to consider some important elements in a marriage. Based on this definition, communication is considered as an important element in communication. I support the view presented here as couples need to ensure that there is effective communication in marriage so as to be able to understand each other. It is through communication that couples get to share their views and also resolve issues in marriage.

  1. In the second definition of marriage, the writer considers being faithful and commitment as important elements in a marriage. I do support this view as marriages are not always easy. When getting in an intimate relationship, one needs to commit to that relationship and always remain faithful so as to have a successful relationship. The writer provides an excellent explanation on what a marriage should entail. The couples need to provide a shoulder to cry on, discuss the life woes and wows, and always enjoy life together. Based on my understanding, these are some of the issues necessary that makes a marriage an institution to enjoy being in and knowing that someone you love also loves you back.
  2. In the third definition of marriage, the writer’s definition of marriage is based on his religious understanding on what a marriage should be like. In his understanding, marriage should entail unconditional love, which means the willingness of giving everything to the beloved. In my view, his definition of marriage is somehow right when consideration the relationship he has with his oldest sister and closest friends.

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