The Shocking Truth about Custom Writing Services

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The current increase in the number of companies offering custom writing services has raised major red flags especially on the issue of quality and content that students are going to receive from these companies. It follows that matters revolving around reliability and nature of services executed by these companies leave a lot to the desired by those desiring to use them in completing the different tasks. It is due to these issues that it is imperative for the student to be aware of the main issues that depict unreliable custom writing services they should be avoiding.


Every student needs to look at the experience that the company they desire to use before giving them their hard earned money. The issue is that the current environment is characterized by custom writing services companies that only seek to steal from the students. The mode of operation of these companies is the fact that they take money from students pretending to offer quality services but instead deliver poor quality work while others just close their website and move on to open another. It is thus essential that the students ensure they are relying on services from reputable companies with a track record of quality work.

Money Back Guarantee

Lack of money back guarantee should serve as an alarm bell for the student whenever they seek custom writing services. The idea is that any company that knows it will deliver quality work should not be afraid of guaranteeing the client their money back if they deliver poor quality work. The lack of such assurance is an indication that the company does not trust their writers and are out to defraud unsuspecting students. Therefore before seeking any services from a company the student needs to ensure they have been assured of quality.

Customer Support

The issue of unreliable customer support that is hard to access is the other issue that is characterizing most of the current custom writing services. The successful delivery of quality assignment is controlled by numerous factors, one of which is in ensuring that the student has a regular constant with the writer or the company to make any clarifications and also know the progress of their work. Inaccessibility of the customer service therefore often leads to frustration of the student as well as poor quality work as the main instructions were not followed, or deadlines were missed since the student could not access the customer support. It is therefore essential that the student hires the services of custom writing services company with reliable customer support they are sure of accessing 24/7 without straining.


A student should be determinant on avoiding services from custom writing services companies that cannot guarantee the security of their information. The position, in this case, is that the nature of the information that students share with these companies is personal and sensitive, implying that lack of adequate security measures exposes the student to a myriad of security issues. Most of these c custom writing services coming up daily have weak security measures with most of them lacking the resources and capital to keep their platforms secure and free from being hacked. The one thing that the custom writing services that have been in the industry for long have established is the fact that the confidentiality component is an issue that needs constant reinforcement.

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