Security and Privacy Impact Paper

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Why is the current practice of securing the enterprise by hiding it behind hardened firewalls becoming extinct?

The firewalls have been the key part of keeping the enterprise networks safe and secure.  Even though the firewalls have been such vital to the organizations, the recent trends in the security exploits mean that if there will be no redesign of the security posture of these organizations, these firewalls will no longer offer the required security to address all the types of security threats. The traditional firewalls architectures only provide security for the network perimeter, and once an attacker penetrates the corporate network, he gains access to the internal systems and accomplishes his aim (Needham & Lampson, 2008).  The current firewalls will not be effective in two years to come because the hackers are developing worms and viruses that can bypass them and reach the corporate network.  The hackers are very active because they always take the time to study the security devices and systems to have the knowledge of any security loopholes that can be exploited.

Hiding the organizational networks behind firewalls is a practice that is not going to work in two years to come. Even in the past, the hackers have been gaining entry to the enterprise networks despite their having of the firewalls.  That means that in two years to come, the case will be worse unless there is a change in the way the organization networks are being protected.  Also, the state of the enterprise networks today does not have the multiple layers of protection that scan help in having the maximum protection of the networks.  Thus, a comprehensive security system will be in the requirement in two years to come so as to replace the current firewalls.

What should network engineers expect to happen with security in 2 years?

The network engineers are required to prepare for two years ahead due to the trends in the security paradigm of organizations.  “Security is a fashionable and a quick moving field as it can be seen from the attacks that are catching headlines each day. That calls for the changes in the security of organizations from one year to another” (Stallings,(2007).  The network-based attacks represent a very high profile that is making organizations allocate more budgets to the same.  That means that the network engineers should prepare for the future security of the organizations as they will be dealing with more serious attacks due to attackers taking advantage of the many vulnerabilities. The network security vulnerabilities in use are changing from one year to the other as the bugs in old software are being fixed, and new software releases are taking place.  Thus the network engineers should expect to handle more complex attacks from a wide spectrum of sources that leverage a variety of vulnerabilities in the networks.

What will networks look like in 2 years, given the proliferation of mobile devices?

The consumerization of IT is an increasing trend whereby the user-owned and managed devices are having increasing usage within organization environment (Gupta & Chow, 2010). However, the approaches to the company information security have not yet caught up with the trend.  In two years to come, the networks will be required to account for the consumerization on the modern mobile devices being used to access organizational networks.  Even the security of networks will need to take into consideration all the devices that are having a connection to the company network.   The administration will also not only focus on the internal devices, but also all the external personal mobile devices.


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