Robotics in the manufacturing industries

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Robotics is a part of engineering and computer science that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots and the computer systems in the control, sensory feedback, and for information processing. Robotics is a widely used technology in various industries due to the associated benefits. Industrial robots have transformed the manufacturing activities due to the advantage of being smart, fast, and cheap (Deb & Deb, 2010). They have adopted the human capabilities and traits like sensing, dexterity, memory, and trainability. Thus, the robots have specialized in the activities of picking and packaging, testing, inspecting products, and assembling products.

The latest models of robots used in the industries are developed in labs with a capacity to work alongside humans without endangering them and helping them to assemble all types of objects. The basic structure of robots consists of a mechanical structure, sensors, and operation systems. The mechanical structure has other components like a wheeled platform, arms, and other components to interact with the environment. The sensors help to sense the environment and give useful feedback to the device when in use. The other systems help to process the sensory input and also instruct the device to perform certain actions in response to the situation (Deb & Deb, 2010).

The mechanical structure requires electrical energy to turn the arms and wheels under command. The behavior of the robot requires intelligence to control the processes. The operation of the robots requires different kinds of sensors which are inbuilt. They interact with the external environment and transform the energy into another form of energy. The common sensors include light, touch, sound, and acceleration. The control system uses both the logic circuit and a microcontroller. The logic circuit controls the mechanical system, and the microcontroller is the intelligent devices that operate like the central processing unit (Deb & Deb, 2010).

The use of robotics in the manufacturing industries improves work efficiency and reduces the cost of production.


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