Regional Trade Agreements

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There are TWO parts to this paper.

Part 1: Regional Trade Agreements

On page 158 of the textbook is a list of the 6 different regional trade agreements. You will need to research ONE of these regional trade agreements or you can do Central American Common Market (CACM), ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States, GCC—Gulf Cooperation Council, or SADC (Southern African Development Council). You should include in your write up a list of the countries who belong, their mission or major goals of the trade group, history of the group, key issues that the group is currently dealing with and any upcoming events.

Part 2: WTO (World Trade Organization) For this part of the paper you need to go to . Answer these questions: Do you support the efforts of the WTO? Why or why not? What makes a country want to join WTO? What does a country need to do to get accepted into the WTO? Was the admission of China to the WTO a good move or not? Why? Will the WTO as an organization survive? Why or why not?

You will need a works cited page. Use an accepted format.

The paper will be judged on following the instructions, grammar, spelling and punctuation. No cover page is needed just put your name on the first page. The paper should be a minimum of four full pages double spaced using a 10-12 font.

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