Reflection on service learning

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Activity Summary

I had a volunteer activity in Mueller Elementary school in which I was required to undertake the practice activity in the course content. I am studying service learning which a teaching is and learning strategy that combines community service with instruction as well as reflection. It helps to enhance the learning experience, teach the civic responsibility, and also strengthen the communities. I volunteered at the school where I assisted the students and teachers with science activities and also helped in playing with the kindergarten classes and dance.

Evaluative Thinking

At the start of my service learning activity, I had to evaluate the strategies used by teachers in handling the science activities to have a clear understanding of the processes involved. I made inquiries of the teachers as well as the students and identified several things that needed to be changed for effective science activities. I realized that the teachers do not have adequate time to organize the science practical sessions thereby unable to meet the student’s expectations. Also, they had limited knowledge about the functionality of some tools used in science. The kindergarten classes did not enjoy the playing and dancing sessions because the teachers used similar approaches day in day out.

Divergent Thinking

Following the evaluation of the activities at Mueller Elementary school, I had to propose several views about how to make the science activities helpful to the students and also make playing and dancing enjoyable. I thought of assisting the teachers to organize the science activities during the tea breaks and lunch break sessions, after classes, early in the morning, and also make sacrifices between lessons. I also thought of communicating with the teachers during their free time and inform them of the benefit of having the science activities for the elementary students.  For the kindergarten classes, I opted to teach them new playing activities researched from the Internet and also dancing methods. I had a varied sort of options to address the issued identified. All the activities had to be approved by the school administration before implementing them.

Convergent Thinking

I had to narrow down my options to the most appropriate activities. The applicable solution to the problem of infective science activities was to assist the teachers to organize the science activities during the lunch break alongside the scheduled period. It created more time resulting in better science activities. I also designed a sensitization session to the teachers on the functionality of some of the tools used in science activities. For the kindergarten classes, I printed out hard copies of instructions on different playing and dancing methods. I was confident that the options would be viable in addressing the issues of concern.

Cognitive Memory

The students were able to practice the science concepts learned in the classroom by the participation in the science activities. They showed improvement and understanding of the underlying science concepts. Most of the related science concepts in physical and biological subjects require practical activities to allow the students develop a clear understanding of them. Teachers with a clear understanding of the science concepts can deliver effectively to the students, hence the need to sensitize them. It was a successful volunteer activity in which I interacted with the school fraternity through the learning activities and helped students to practice the theoretical concepts.

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