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Activity Summary

My name is Ahmed. On Wednesday 06/22/2016 I did a mentoring session for the second time from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm to a group of kindergarten level children in Mueller Elementary School. The first mentoring was meant to introduce myself to the mentees. The mentees were seven in number, and I got to learn their interests. The second mentoring aimed to find out what these students had learned from the teaching activity of learning about the stone launcher through painting, drawing, using machine and building by wood. Students also learned how to use the machine. Another activity was that of building airplanes by LEGO. The mentoring aimed to establish what students had learned from these activities. These students were especially pleased to learn how the stone launcher works and their ability to construct airplanes using the LEGO.

Evaluative Thinking

As the mentoring session came to an end, I started to realize some of the challenges of this mentoring program. First, I realized that I was not spending enough time with each student because of the limited time. Some mentees who were the quiet type and I had only talked to them briefly. To deal with this challenge I had to ask for more time from the school administration. Another challenge was how the mentees perceived what they learned in class as something that they could apply in real life. So I had to come with sample pictures of paintings and drawings generated by modern artists.

Divergent Thinking

In this mentoring program, my aim was to find out what students had learned in class and how they can apply this knowledge in their day to day life. In doing so, I had to talk to each of the mentees in the best way possible and have a good understanding of what they are saying. What I did not anticipate is that the mentees would have the different understanding of the things they have learned. They also have different backgrounds, personalities, and attitudes which I did not put into the account. Therefore I had to adjust the way I approach these students, respect their views and ideas and have a welcoming approach so that each student may feel comfortable in expressing their unique views.

Convergent Thinking

By doing this second session of mentoring, I have developed a better approach to developing a better understanding of each student’s perspective. I have also managed to develop better skills of communication with children of a different background from my own. Talking to these students also enabled me to learn about their various perspectives and after a while, they became more comfortable in contributing to the questions I asked. Thus the mentoring session was successful.

Cognitive Memory

I was pleased with this mentoring session because it gave me an opportunity to confirm some of the learning theories I had learned on how to communicate and motivate young students. I applied humor, and I was outgoing as a means of breaking the ice and easement of tension. It was an excellent strategy because I managed to encourage even the silent and shy students to share their ideas and stories. I used humor to make them laugh, and I felt that it made them comfortable with and like me. Therefore for the upcoming weeks, I will use the same strategy since I saw its success.

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