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I am a scholar pursuing a health care related course and pursue a project that proposes the establishment of a clinic in my locality through policy. The need for the clinic is the concern of increased exposure to the chronic health conditions by the local minority population who have to travel a long distance to access screening services. As a consequence, many of them do not seek for the needed health care services to address the problem of the multiple illnesses. Regarding the issue, I found it appropriate to lobby for support of the policy issue that facilitates the successful creation of a health care facility, the clinic, in the region. As such, the support of the policy issue goes a long way in ensuring that there are funds set aside for funding the project until its successful completion.

My local community comprises of minorities who suffer from discriminate access to health care services despite the high vulnerability to the chronic health conditions. Many of the residents lack a proper financial plan and insurance scheme to fund their health care bills, hence opt for negligence. The success of the project has several positive impacts to the community and the health care sector at large. The residents will have easy access to health care services like screening for the chronic diseases, hence able to manage their health.

The need for the planned legislative visit is to highlight the key issues of the proposed project as well as lobby for support from the policy makers represented by the mayor and the local leaders. The access to health care services is a major priority for the healthy people 2020 objectives. The agency recommends for improved access to comprehensive and reliable care services and reduction of the health inequalities. As a health care professional, I have a mandate of advocating for better health care services for the residents in my practice area. The residents require an improved health care system that addresses their health needs as required. Thus, the project aimed at opening up a health clinic to increase the ease of access to the health care services is a major priority.

I advocate for support of the policy issue which if adopted will improve the quality of health care to the residents of my locality. The limited access to health care services negatively impacts the residents resulting in a high prevalence of chronic diseases. Many of them do not go for timely screening and the routine health maintenance practices that result in poor health outcomes. The policy issue selected is of particular interest to me and the profession of nursing due to the significant role of nursing in improving the quality of life. The success in meeting the role of nurses depends on the easy access to health care services. The use of a policy to facilitate the construction of a health care facility is a major step towards the realization of the nursing objective in enhancing the access to health care services.

Regarding the issues highlighted, I seek for the support of the policy issue that will facilitate the adoption of the proposed project in my local region. The funding of the project after successful lobbying for support will be beneficial both to the community and the health care sector.

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