Psychology Assignments

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         1.Description of character

Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress. She has participated in various films such as Hunger Games film series 2012 to 2015.  She has also taken part in other movies like Silver Lining Playbook. She has great compassion and seeks to be of service to others. She is a healer with the capability to offer comfort to needy. She offers her shoulder for others to cry on. However, she has traits of determination and dedication which may shift stubbornness, flying quickly to ravaging temper.

  1. Use the following to explain some aspects of the characters behavior:
  2. Positive reinforcement

Jennifer Lawrence has been over generous kind and attractive. Maintaining her figurative nature of being admired worldwide she has been subjected to work hard to stay in shape. She has rapidly been engaged in physical exercises, limit consumption of sweet commodities, and abstain many fatty foods. Control on her diets has promoted her to maintain a celebrity figure by avoiding being plump and round. Such practices enable her retains attractiveness and gain more popularity in acting.

  1. Negative reinforcement

Jennifer Lawrence has been developed to take responsibilities, filling in voids left by others. She has been trained not to turn away from personal sacrifice by being rebuked, left alone, and being overburdened when she deny her responsibilities. Love of others was developed upon her by being rewarded in return with an embrace and more love.

  1. Positive punishment

Jennifer Lawrence has gained personality on how to perform as a wonderful parent, offering warmth, protection, and understanding to needy, children, colleagues, and other associates. She has been controlled to respond in choosing partners for right reasons and avoid being influenced in making a decision especially involving a choice to discriminate those she can help and others meant to make her weaker. Through her training, she has been natured to attract weaker brothers and sisters thus becoming the savior of the world by carrying burdens of others.

  1. Negative punishment

Jennifer Lawrence negative character traits have been damaged through implementation and being subjected separation with important relationships. Her parents made experience betrayal which made her get hurt. Such experience has enabled her to seek for second chances in using more elusive second chance opportunity to find lasting love and acceptance among celebrities, actors, and relationship.

  1. Use an example of classical conditioning to describe how the character developed some fear or habit. Be sure to identify:

Jennifer Lawrence initially had no fear of facing difficulties. She was full of pride and thought herself as the savior of everyone. She encountered loss of important relationships through real loss of Tiffany, her husband. She also encountered reality and pain felt in encountering real life betrayal by her friends on relationships. Encountering relationships have become unconditioned stimulus (UCS) to influence unconditioned response (UCR) fear.  Jennifer Lawrence has learned how to embrace other people by developing conditioned stimulus (CS) by having sense and tools of helping others, then simply showing sympathetic ear. When performed it is revealed as reality in plays and movies thus implementing conditioned response (CR) while acting various sessions and characters. Through her experiences, her performance has become very realistic in revealing the smart delicate art of counseling, equipped to support others in play development and real offering of help in moments of trials. She has mainly revealed her experiences in demonstrating moral lessons of life.

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