A Psychoeducational Intervention (SWEEP) for Depressed Women with Diabetes

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Penckofer SM, Ferrans C, Mumby P, Byrn M, Emanuele MA, Harrison PR, Durazo-           Arvizu RA,             Lustman P. A. (2012):Psychoeducational intervention (SWEEP) for      depressed women      with diabetes; The Society of Behavioral Medicine. DOI          10.1007/s12160-012-9377-2

This article presents a Psycho-educational Intervention (SWEEP) for Depressed Women with Diabetes. The article focuses on clinically significant depression which characterizes 25 % of people with diabetes type 2.This risk is always among double among women. The authors examine the effectiveness of the Study of Women’s Emotions as well as Evaluation of a Psycho-educational (SWEEP) which is a group therapy intervention for treatment of depression based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles developed for women with type 2 diabetes which were conducted. The examination involved Women with significantly elevated depression symptoms that were randomized to the program or usual care. In this article, the author asserts that the multilevel modeling showed that SWEEP presented more effectiveness   as compared to usual care in reducing depression, decreasing trait anxiety as well as improving anger expression. In the article, it is asserted that despite the fact that SWEEP and Usual Care had improvements regarding fasting glucose and HbA1c, the study showed no statistical significance regarding differences between the groups. In concluding the study, the author presents SWEEP as highly efficient as compared to Usual Care in treating women who are depressed with diabetes 2. Hence, incorporating group therapy for depression significantly enlarges the armamentarium of evidence-based treatment alternatives for women diagnosed with diabetes. Therefore, this article presents a study which demonstrates the effectiveness of a group intervention delivered by a nurse trained in CBT for depression treatment for women with type 2 diabetes.  It has great clinical significance from the fact that women with diabetes two always have a disproportionately higher risk for depression as well as Poor health results when compared to diabetes 2 in men.

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