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My personal worldview that God created the world, and it is His power that sustains and controls everything that can be seen. The essay focuses on the various things that human beings imagine and some views on the same. Haught (2008) defines spirituality as a process of reformation whose aim is to recover the original shape of the human beings so that they can resemble that of God. That can only be achievable when the reformation is tailored to a mold that represented the original shape. The traditional view of spirituality is that it is the process of changing the personality; however, there is not a single agreed-upon definition of the same. Pluralism can also be defined as the diversity of stands and views instead of a single method or approach to interpretation. Spirituality is expressed in various ways including interactions, meditation, prayer, and developing a relationship with God or a divine personality.

What is a prime reality?

I can define the prime reality as the infinite as well as the personal God as revealed through nature. Nature contains many things that can be observable and trough the same we can attest that God is real and that there is some spiritual force that controls them.  Additionally, the natural occurrences such as disasters and death do occur without any human intervention. That reveals that there is God that controls these happenings. This God is a triune, omniscient, good, immanent, and transcendent. Thus, the existence of God is a prime reality.

What is the nature of the world around us?

The world around us can be viewed as being created by God because of the orderliness that can be observed from the way things have been created and the resemblance they exhibit.  The external world was created by God, but human beings have the mandate of taking care of the same because when it is not in the right order, then we cannot survive well because our survival is derived from the same. The external world also reveals to us that there exists an invisible spiritual reality that that is not restricted by what man can observe the world around him.

What is a human being?

I might answer that a human being is a person that is created in the image of God as can be read from the holy books. Through the human being that is physical, one can understand the nature of God because he should-should contain similar characteristics as those observable in the human beings.  While God controls the invisible things, human beings are responsible for the physical things.

What happens to a person at death?

The holy books promise that there is a life that comes after the death of the physical body of a human being.  At death, a person is transformed to a higher spiritual state of he is reincarnate to a shadowy existence in the spiritual realm that is believed to exist in the spiritual space.

Is the reason possible to know anything?

It is possible to know anything at all because we believe we are created and controlled by the invisible and omniscient God that knows everything. Because He is the one that creates everything we can see including what we cannot see, it goes without saying that He knows everything; and because we are created in his image, we can also know everything.  Some knowledge regarding the spiritual world is, however, hard to comprehend for the human beings who are limited due to their mortality. They can only understand those things via some special revelation that is believed to come as a result of somebody interacting with God in a vision.


How do we know what is right/wrong?

We can know about right and wrong by examining the consequences of what we do. It is obvious that when an action brings bad results or rather it affects you or someone else negatively, then that action is not worthy being good. We also believe that we are created in the image of God whose nature is goodness, therefore, when we follow what is desirable, we are doing what is good.  We can also know about the bad when we come to realize especially from the holy books, what this God abhors.

What is the meaning of human history?

The purpose of the human history is to take care of God’s creation and continue with its cultivation. It is also for us to know and understand the purpose of God so that we can continue with the same where we can. The other purpose of the human history is also to prepare the people for the life that comes after the physical death in the spiritual realm.


Having an understanding of worldview is essential as it offers the foundation for the good moral values as well as the corresponding actions.  The knowledge we have about the worldview helps us to make the right judgments in our practices and in interpreting the ambiguous evidence.  We should however never maintain a rational worldview because that can make to hold a false view of the reality.  Our belief systems should be supported by what is real and is good in light of its impact on us and the world around us.


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