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My passion towards engineering dates back to my high school days when I used to excel in physics, mathematics and chemistry.  When is became a senior, I decided to take a first-year calculus course at some college and fortunately enough, I gained an A grade. That seemed logical that I should take an engineering route in my career.

When I later started my undergraduate career, I was privileged to be introduced to a full range of chemical engineering course that seemed to solidify and reinforce my desire for chemical engineering. The more I learned about the control systems from my Thermal fluids science classes I and II; I became very passionate about chemical engineering career. Particularly the area of heat transfers as well as the computational fluid dynamics made me have an enjoyable experience as my tutors engaged me in designing and building the air engine, aero car, and a viscometer. I enjoyed designing and fabricating an air engine using a baker valve linkage as well as an eccentric crank mechanism. The objective of doing that was to build an air engine with the highest possible angular velocity as I also analyze the engine’s thermodynamic performance.

I once participated in ASME design competition along with three friends from the ASME team and by good luck, we took the first place. That exercise took pace din the Student Design Competition that was being hosted by ASME Student Professional Development Conference at Rutgers University between April 22, 2016, and April 24, 2016. That win has given us the chance of competing at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition later in November this year. That has added to my experience in my area of interest, and I am sure that if I get a chance to pursue the Ph.D., I will become a professional in the same and thus achieve my goal.

Apart from that, I have the tenet that I can apply my mathematical knowledge and my true ambition for engineering and make great achievements in the career. I have a strong conviction in my spirit that being an engineer is a perfect career for me. There is also a research I have been conducting on “error correcting code.” The project is aimed at constructing insertion or deletion correcting code for the multi-symbol alphabets while leveraging the number theories and developing encoding and decoding algorithms for such codes. Through the research, I will determine the Levenshtein as well as the Helberg codes to produce the multi-symbol codes; develop the DNA barcodes that have a basis on the quaternary Helberg codes; as I also find the coding or the decoding algorithms for the Levenshtein and Helberg codes.

I have managed to find the maximum size of a codebook with the capability of correcting two deletions and the algorithms that have the capability of decoding two deletions. That has been made possible by two C++ programs that have the ability to check if a codebook can correct the two deletions or generate all the codebooks.  From the same the computation of the maximum size of a codebook can then take place as the residue if also determined. The last things with this research are proving the codebooks that can correct the deletions. If I can gain more experience, I believe that, in the future, I can take part in sophisticated and useful research that can be helpful to the society.

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