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Medicine and science are honorable and challenging vocations that many aspire to have careers in these fields. My fascination and interest began during my childhood years in which the intricacies of laboratory science and medical science intrigued me. My curiosity grew in the complexity of human body, its functionality and how clinical procedures contributed to the improvement of health, and since then I have had no doubt that this was a field I wanted to be a part. I have since worked at acquiring skills and experience relevant for laboratory clinician practice. My undergraduate course in laboratory school was not only beneficial in equipping me with relevant skill but also an exciting experience in which my desire grew significantly. A career as a laboratory scientist provided an opportunity to serve people and better their lives, and I was glad to be doing so during my lab attachment. My decision to pursue a career in the field of Medical Laboratory Science got strengthened by my enjoyment and excellence in the MYP and IP chemistry and biology courses. I have applied this knowledge and skill in a voluntary program immediately after undergraduate graduation and in work several months later. In the voluntary program and work, I experienced the impact of a laboratory scientist in a clinical setting and also conducted several studies in an attempt to develop new as well as improve the scientific procedures in the laboratory science. My satisfaction during my clinical practice was that I was part of a professional team that saved lives and also contributed to the betterment of the community.

I am applying for a graduate opportunity so as to improve and better my skills in this field that is at the heart of medical professionals and whose judgment is crucial in achieving patient safety and care. Also, I aim to gain relevant knowledge and attain tremendous progress towards making new scientific discoveries in this field.

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