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Diehard Fans of Lost Club

It was a time in mid winter when everyone desired even for just a ray of sunshine to warm up the dreary days and depressing mundane of winter. For most people, the three months of winter is a cry of pure misery. However having an interesting series to watch like “ Lost” made me realize that I can make the winter season promising since it made me realize the possibility of escaping to a warm sunny island somewhere in between Loss Angeles and Australia easily and soon enough. Lost is a series I much liked because just like most fans it pulls us out of the willows and dullness of winter and introduces us to well familiar mysterious noises of hodgepodge similar to when a smoke monster appears in into the first episode.

I was a high school freshman when I first started watching the series Lost at the time when the first pilot episode launched almost three years ago.  My elder sister Brigit introduced me to the series which took me by surprise. It offers psychotic, mind-blowing yet at the same time pleasantly disturbing plot making up the whole narration. Within a period of one month at the time of our chaotic lives, Brigit and I had managed to watch the three first seasons each episode lasting for forty minutes. We were waiting on the updates to catch up on the upcoming fourth season that had just started to air on TV.

We formed a club comprising of my sister, I and other eleven acquaintances from our school three weeks before the major debut. We called the club the “die-hard fans of Lost.” Our small society was full o people from various social groups with all forms of wild characteristics. One of the members was a Student Council Secretary; another was my English classmate, several cross country runners and one specializing in drum major. In this club, we could select an episode and talk about it for many hours. It was that kind of a group that one wonders how such people of different social groups can come together as friends in the first place. However, they did not know that the thing that bonded us together was our deep passion for the series Lost that made us come together and connect as one.

I will not be exaggerating when I say that as the diehard fans of Lost we were most eager, waiting, and ready for the season premiere. We wore shirts with hand-constructed computer generated printout showing the Dharma logo. The shirts were a symbol of our most anticipated day for the beginning of the new season. Episode one of season four was to start airing at seven o’clock on that day. W e was ready and curious to know what would happen. The venue was at our home.

Guests started to arrive at six O’clock. They came empty-handed since it was not a potluck. I found this to be an immediate challenge because the search for food would make us miss the crucial details of this much-anticipated episode yet Lost in general called for our maximum attention. The rule was to use commercial breaks to discuss our frustration and confusion or discuss then at the end of the show. However when the episode was in progress, no one should talk all we had to do was to give our full attention. To solve the food problem, I suggested that all members contribute some cash for pizza and soft drinks.

For Lost most episodes would begin with a groundbreaking scene that can throw any viewer off and finally and gradually reels the viewer back in the rest of the episode. The episodes usually end with throwing the viewer another set of a curveball leaving us to have a double amount of questions that w e had asked in the beginning. Such dramatic beginnings and ends are the aspects that made us yearn for more and more from this series. Also, they made each of the episodes memorable. Each episode ended with a new detail that needed close deliberation and more investigation.

Now that I am growing up in a generation where most conversations happen via the cell phones and computer screens, I must admit that Lost was one way of bringing people together via the television. Even when our conversations were simply to argue about Jacob’s true identity or the possibility of time traveling is a fact or not, our group managed to make a weekly show into a way of life that lasted for several months. We considered Thursdays to be each week’s climax and each day before and after Thursday were the countdown days to the climax. We turned Lost Series to something more than a weekly TV show that each of us was anticipating.

Despite the differences that we had as unlikely group members, we managed to form a unique kind of friendship from the lost tumultuous chaos. From the show, we learned that the Island gave the member an uncharted territory, and they gave us the freedom of each of us appreciating our uniqueness and letting each of us utilize our creative minds and having our personal opinions. That was similar to Lost World whereby there was nothing to be proven as being the fact. Thus this concept from Lost enabled us to have plenty of room and freedom to be entertained and make up a fiction through our rich conversation.

From this group, I learned that sitting alone watching television is not a good way of spending my time. I appreciated the time we would sit as a group taking a break from our school work and having time to sink to the fictitious island realms. This time together gave me a new confidence of sparking intense conversations even with a stranger something that was I not good. I also became better analytic regarding films, drama, plays and any work related to theater. That is why I am now majoring in Theater Arts as both my passion and dream. In our diehard group of Lost, I was able to grow and learn from other members. It is, therefore, evident that television has its benefits in making fans have a close and strong relationship since it gives them a source of stimulating topics and conversations even with someone of a different social group.

To this day our group is still alive, and we manage to take time with our acquaintances not just to discuss the retired series of Lost but business ventures and giving each other moral support. Unlike in the past when we relied on Lost to give us topics for discussions of the day we now simply rely on issues that each one of us is facing in their lives. Thus, from the series Lost we have managed to develop a long lasting and strong friendship that went beyond the TV show.

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