Overview of ADO Dot Net

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The iteration majors on brainstorming which is a wide session. The brainstorming process will cut across by the fact of understanding the ADO Dot Net. The focus will be about appreciating the benefits behind web designing and strengths behind the ADO Dot Net as far as web designing is concerned. The brainstorming session is an in-depth and involving session that will grant the acquiring of necessary information as far as Dot Net is concerned when it comes to web designing. The iteration was defined in several tiers that described the way the brainstorming session was conducted.

Primarily the session was concerned with gathering information and shedding good understanding so as to outline the good understanding about the web designing the ADO Dot Net technique as applied in web designing. Overall good brainstorming is based on being conducted in two distinctive sessions of initially the group brainstorming and the individual brainstorming. The personal brainstorming comes as the first then followed with the group brainstorming from which a good and promising report can get developed. The initial tier will involve the thinking about the concepts that relates to DOT NET technology. The ideas will shed light on the ways of approaching the ADO Dot Net technique. The second session will involve the appreciation and studying of the ADO Dot Net technique. The third tier will follow about discussing the integration of the ADO Dot Net technique in web designing. As a way of capturing the content, the last session will get followed with the draw of knowledge relating to the strengths of the ADO Dot Net technique. The entire process will get finalized with the provision of the report that will contain all the relevant information required.



Web sites are enabling persons, organizations and companies to undertake different activities based on eth point that technology is widely growing towards the cloud computing. The web designing based on the Dot Net technology was given priority to understanding the possible technologies that can get applied. The brainstorming was developed prior by individual thinking over the issues that were to get discussed. The process began with the developing of questions that were to act as the guiding materials to meeting the necessary prospective answers to provide the required information. The questions developed highlighted the principles behind the Dot Net technology that later shifted to the ADO Dot Net technology. The web designing concepts were also highlighted. Eth most direct questioned that required the complete thinking were the ones that relate to the strengths of the ADO Dot Net technique in web designing.

Once the questions were developed, the group developed broke, and each person was given time to collect as much information as he/she could meet the intended purpose. The process was intended at getting the group brainstorming well productive. It was at the same time any omitted or upcoming thoughts were introduced if it impacted on the web designing based on the Dot Net technology. The group brainstorming was followed were the all questions developed were discussed with the focus on the Dot Net technology concepts and principles as applied by the ADO technique.

I finalized the brainstorming process by compiling the information collected from the session of collective thinking. The compiling of the data was based on another personal brainstorming such that I had to organize the data and ensure that it is well validated to meet the objective of providing a good understanding of the ADO dot net technique in web designing.



The brainstorming process provided a good understanding that web designing is highly depended on the Dot Net technology principles as it applies the different techniques in its implementation. The technology is widely improving by the fact that the value of data is differently regarded as compared in the early times. The concern by many companies is that the website should get designed to ensure that it captures as much data as possible as it enables the easy retrieval of the data. The ADO Dot Net is a defined as an asset of computer software components that can be applied by the programmers in accessing data and any other data services from a database. Indeed, it is the base class library of the Microsoft.NET framework (Microsoft, n.d). Therefore, the concepts and principles relating to the Dot Net technique defined the aspect of the ADO Dot Net.

Figure 1: DOT Net Framework showing the ADO .NET

During the brainstorming session, it was highlighted that the ADO Dot Net did major on facilitating the integration of the websites to the databases. The DOT Net Framework class library is defined with some selective benefits that are associated with data access components. During the designing of the websites, there is the need for ensuring that the database services are easily accessed and applied as well as applying the data. The ADO Dot Net is defined as its capability of interoperability by the fact that it enables the use of the XML which is widely applied format in data access because the data sets transmitted across any network is easily read once it is developed in XML format. The XML was designed with the only objective of ensuring interoperability. We also appreciate the strengths of maintainability, programmability, performance and scalability (Microsoft, n.d).


As defined by Blue Beetle (2012), brainstorming is essential when it comes to the gathering of information. In my opinion, the brainstorming session was general good, and it was taken in a professional way with the good understanding that group brainstorming was the way to go. The processes that related to the data accessibility in websites have got the right solution to the point that the ADO Dot Net component provides good ways for data accessibility and data services from the database. The process was easily achieved with the definition of clear questions that provided a good guideline during the entire brainstorming session. I take to understand that brainstorming depends on preparedness in individual thinking sessions. However, the process of brainstorming was only concentrated on the developed questioned, and this resulted to omitting some of the critical information that related to web designing as far as the study of the ADO Dot Net component was concerned.

The appreciation of the ADO Dot Net aspects provides a good way of having equipped with the knowledge read to have the further understanding of how to deploy the technique. The component requires good knowledge to have its integration during the web designing process. Therefore, my preparation will follow in getting trained on how to apply the component in web designing. The training will entail the programming and design principles of the ADO Dot Net components.



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