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First Iteration:  Orientation in Cop Trip IT Company


Through invitation letter presented by Mr. Mark human resource officer, I attended a meeting in Cop Trip IT Company. Mr. Mark presented a plan containing a schedule of events to be performed during the orientation process. Iteration was planned to take two weeks. Orientation was to be facilitated through seminars, training, and technical workshop practical. During the first half of week involved an introduction to company systems of working using the DevOps culture. Facilitator during first has meeting and training were facilitated by Mrs. Regina Nation Enterprise Management Director. It involved an introduction to Cop Trip IT Company structure of the organization. Sub-session involved an introduction to company policies, operations, policies and ethical issues. The second half of week meeting shall have researchers learning about ethical issues, and IT practices applied to Enterprise Systems Management (ESM). Objectives, Roles, aims, and missions of ESM shall be explained in details (R. T. Phoebe, personal, Communication, March 01, 2016).

The second week involved training on how Enterprise Systems Management system is implemented in real-time operations of a business enterprise. According to schedule training session was to be facilitated by Mr. Gaily Senior Operational Manager.  Some activities involved in training shall include understanding how to perform configuration, settings and implementation of Enterprise Systems Management to control functions of the organization. Researchers shall understand how various IT based modules are integrated to facilitate proper coordination of business enterprises. The second half of week shall involve workshop training on how to perform maintenance of Enterprise Systems Management. Workshop training shall give researchers basic concepts required in working under DveOps culture (K. D. Gaily, personal, Communication, March 03, 2016).


I initiated orientation process by visiting Mr. Mark in Cop Trip IT Company. Through his intervention, I was enrolled in training plan conducted by Mrs. Regina. We were informed about DevOps culture and the basic idea of its application. Its main objective is to unite all processes in an organization to act as one coordinated processes. According to Mrs. Phoebe DevOps culture ensure and facilitates sharing various resources facilitating channels of communication. During the introduction to company organization, I managed to meet organization workers such as departmental heads and facilitators of different processes. Cop Trip IT Company is divided into different units to facilitate the division of labor and specialization (R. T. Regina, personal, Communication, March 05, 2016). The training introduced the relationship between working and with Enterprise Systems Management to implement DevOps culture in coordinating various tasks required in the organization.

Through the intervention of Mr. Gaily, we were capable of working with Enterprise Systems Management by integrating several business subprograms together. Various programs controlled using management systems included

  1. Human resource management systems that pertain development of customized products
  2. Productions units that bring standardization of produced goods and services.
  3. Business accounting, budgeting and financing using SAP FICO systems embedded in organization systems.

Mr. Gaily demonstrated how to combine retail with wholesale transactions through reconciliation processes. Through the assistance of Mr. Gaily, I was able to perform reconciliation activities with banking and insurance partners. With Enterprise Systems Management users can apply multiple payment systems provided they are acceptable worldwide (K. D. Gaily, personal, Communication, March 06, 2016).  Different applications, processes, transactions, and departments could easily share resources by configuring sharing options.


Orientation processes that involved working with intellectuals in Cop Trip IT Company provided a chance to appreciated DevOps technology as a culture applied to mitigate the various problem that exists within the organization. I discovered that it was easy to mitigate problems associated with inadequate resources through implementing a sharing plan through networked systems. Cop Trip IT Company implements DevOps culture to ensure that serious problems with communication were solved through sharing data and information with relevant departments (R. T. Regina, personal, Communication, March 08, 2016).  Through Enterprise Systems Management, the organization could eliminate various difficulties involved with human errors, calculation mistakes as well as problems associated with inaccurate entry of data. DevOps could be applied in improving operations within the business enterprise by automating major transactions.

Session facilitated by Mrs. Regina provided a high level of formalization of processed data and information through systems such as accuracy testing, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Dashboard and evaluations systems allowed users and employee to provide quality highly demanded services that satisfy consumers. Quality assurance procedures, as well as techniques, were highly enforced within the system to promote effective and efficient working of systems without compromising working and motivation of workers (K. D. Gaily, personal, Communication, March 10, 2016). I realized that DevOps culture involves divergent fields that incorporate social, economic as well as political aspects within the organization. I realized that maintenance procedures were vital in maintaining and ensuring DevOps culture is practiced within the organization. Knowledge of all processes within organizations is highly required to ensure end user support, assistance, and ability to access resources, share data and information, and deliver feedbacks instantly within the network.


Through the intervention of Mr. Gaily, Mrs. Regina, and Mr. Mark all activities went well. Through introduction seminars, I understood DevOps as development operations involving technological advancements that bring about changes in business environment. It involves automation of company activities through implementation of new operations and business applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), Decision support systems (DSS) as well as support procedures such as inventory management systems. Continuous improvement of particular technology makes organization meet the qualification of maintaining DevpOps traditions (K. D. Gaily, personal, Communication, March 12, 2016). Activities that promotes DevOps performed during orientation training includes

  1. Auditing systems on regular basis
  2. Checking irregularities such as vulnerability of systems, penetration testing, and network speed
  3. The speed of operation which includes processing speed, access speed, and loading speed.

A session involving meeting with Regina went well. It enabled me to understand the application of Enterprise Systems Management assures organization that all operations within business entity can be improved through information technology. Transactions as well as business operations can be managed, monitored and controlled through the use of surveillance systems such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) (R. T. Regina, personal, Communication, March 13, 2016). According to DevOps principles all activities involving business should be analyzed using methodologies and standards that guarantee positive changes within the organization. Agile methodologies and models that trigger technological change are applied to promote the development of advanced systems for managing and controlling business activities.  Some planned activities that never went well-included learning on Designing, implementations, installations, and deployments of Enterprise Systems Management. Consequent studies shall provide remaining research work for the complete project.

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