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The orientation process will provide a way of understanding the management and the operations of the Costco Wholesale corporations. The iteration is outlined with the basics of being introduced to the networking devices, technologies procedures and operations undertaken by the Corporation (G. Gomez, personal communications, May 4, 2016). I first of all planned to search the company’s website and other websites that would have the company’s profile. The essence of carrying out that search would be to have the know-how of the company including its background, the manner of operations, their main focus and status in the market as they are the ones that would be addressed in the orientation. I also planned to hold meetings with the respective departments especially the human resource department as it is the one concerned with the orientation.

I also planned to have meetings with the relevant personnel who are network engineers in the company, and they will help me with the basic introduction to networking. These people have the training on the networking, and they are the ones responsible for the training of new interns and employees in the company in the area of networking. The areas planned for that would be handled by these staffs include the networking devices, the technologies, and other operations in which the company is engaged. I also planned to inquire and understand about the network topology used in the company so as to understand the changes that may be in the requirement in light of that topology. One of the network topologies on which I wanted to have an in-depth understanding as used in the company included the star, or the bus topology, Ethernet network, mesh topology, or the ring topology or any mixture of some technologies.


Ahead of the first day of my orientation into Costco Wholesale Corporation, I made a search on the organization’s website as well as other websites that had information concerning the company with the intention of having a comprehensive understanding of the company and prepare well for my first iteration. I examined the company’s profile in those websites including the history, the background, its major focus regarding products and services as well as its position in the market about the products it produces and services it does offer. On May 4, 2016, I reported to the company ready to begin my internship. I completed some biometrics and got the identity card that I was to be using throughout my internship period in the company. The human resource manager and some of her team took me through the company and helped me understand from where they have come, where they are and where they anticipate being in the future.

I was also walked around the company to identify various offices and the departments with which I would be interacting while executing my daily duties as an intern in the company. I was then introduced to the personnel in the networking department who were to take me through then networking basics. On May 5 and May 6, 2016, I was oriented by the networking personnel that took me through the technology areas in the company. They introduced me to the ring topology as it was the one that they used. They also helped me to have a thorough understanding of the networking devices such as the hubs, routers, switches, network interface cards and the wireless access points among others. I was also introduced to the other technologies, security and related policies in the company. That orientation was aimed at giving me the general knowledge of the company and what I was expected to do while doing my internship (G. Hamstring, personal communications, May 4, 2016).


Orientation is an essential session that helps new employees of a company to know the basics that will help them to carry out their duties well in the new company.  I .observed that without this session, new workers or interns in a company can be confused because they will not know what is required of them, who their new supervisors are, the departments requiring their services, and the strategies that they ought to be a part among other essentials.  I also observed that the orientation session if done well can help the intern to prepare well for the subsequent iterations since the first impression is very important. It is also where the new organization, particularly your supervisors get to know you better and know how you are going to perform in the rest of the internship (J. Manley, personal communications, May 5, 2016).

The other observation that I made was that the area of networking is an area that is highly competitive, and the networking professionals are crucial in any company. These are the ones on which the performance of a company’s network is dependent, and they have to do everything possible to make sure that the network performs at its best. They troubleshoot the network, carry out performance tuning, perform penetration testing, set out the network security policies, and offer advice to the organization regarding the best practices for managing the network.

Is also observed that the company’s network administrators were well-versed with the networking essentials because if their long experience in the same. The company was well organized regarding its structure as I observed from the arrangement of the offices in light of their functions. The company leveraged the mesh network topology because of its numerous advantages and because there were there were expert network administrators, engineers, designers, and other network administration experts


The orientation session was a helpful orientation to me because, from the same, I got to have a thorough insight of what the company was engaged in and how it operated.  The search that also carried out by the intern helped him to get the know-how of the areas he expected to be addressed, thereby helping him to prepare adequately for the actual orientation session.  The websites had relevant information concerning the areas that I wanted to be well-informed during the iteration on orientation into Costco Wholesalers Corporation as a new intern. Also, the orientation team with which i interacted helped me to have a good introduction to the company that in turn helped me to prepare adequately for the subsequent iterations and also the tasks in which I would have involvement.  The orientation team was also well-organized and had a good understanding of the areas they were handling, from the human resource team and the networking team.

The iteration helped me to appreciate my networking career and from the same I got to have high representations. I also got to come up with a good plan for the subsequent iteration as a result of the information I garnered from this iteration on orientation. I, however, realized that the company did not have up to date network security policies, disaster recovery plans, and business continuity plans for each department. During the subsequent iterations, I suggested making improvements to those areas so as to make sure that those things were in place and that the company operated in a reliable environment.  Although the time was limited, I planned to use the subsequent iterations to make inquiries concerning the areas that were no adequately addressed.


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