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Adobe is a well established multinational company base in the United States as a software company. The project development began with the basic introduction to the Adobe system company to have the understanding of the company operations as well the technology adopted and developing the market-oriented products. The orientation process was defined into several tiers that enabled the development of activities in a series form.

The initial tier of the orientation progress was the pre-visiting the Adobe Company before the actual day of reporting to the multinational software company. The aim was to ease the anxiety and tension so as to get the movement at the required pace. The process was a one day visit. It was followed by the second tier where I reported to the company and got registered as a new staff within the company. The registration process took less time since the company already had my information. The process defined the signing of the agreement and the working terms and conditions.

The subsequent third tier of the process involved the movement from one department to the other with the concentration on the information technology department sections. I had to get introduced to the working mates within eh company especially the system development section which was the most sensitive and active section within the entire company. The process took a period of four days. It was followed with the holding of meeting for the training regarding the company operational procedures, regulations, and principles. The meeting sessions took some time for the duration of five days. I finalized the process of orientation by ensuring that the entire company physical location is well understood with the respective different sectors (Business benefits through the program and project management, 2006).


The orientation process was defined as the activities regarding the well understanding of the company stand out and the look out as well. I prepared for the entire process by making an early visit to the company. I went there as a normal visitor, and I was taken through the normal routine that visitors are taken through. The administration department is well structured such that I was introduced to the different products of the company with the simple description of the applications and the unique features they contain. Subsequently, I was taken around to appreciate the land terrain of the company and the strategic location of the Adobe system company (Lawson, 2016).

Three days later, I officially reported to the company for the process of gaining experience in software development. On reporting day I was taken to the human resource office where I got a warm welcome with the activation of my account as staff within the company. I was taken to the operational department for the further direction. It was an exciting day that I had never experienced. The operational department provided me with the plan where I had to provide all the intended activities to get carried out within the company.

I was taken around from one department to the other being informed of the physical location of different sections. The process was followed by the introduction to the fellow staff with the concentration on the software development section. I finalized the orientation process with the holding of frequent meetings that aimed at getting me introduced to the senior personnel and being trained about the company operational procedures, code of conduct, working conditions, principles and other important aspects.


The orientation process to the Adobe Systems was well planned. I realized the benefit of making the pre-visit such that it provided a good way for me to easy on understanding the basic things within the company. The pre-visit to the company provided a good model for my understanding of the physical company location for my easy location of the different section within the company. During the pre-visit, I was introduced to the different products of the company with the emotion of the unique features that makes them dominate the international market. The collaboration that I observed during the pre-visiting got me encouraged to gain experience for such a place.

The overall welcoming given to the company was extraordinary since I was taken valuable with the expectation that I was to add value to the company. This got me treated with honor and respect. I was well introduced to the company staff who displayed the spirit of teamwork that I have never experienced. It was as if they were binding together such that without working as at time is a crime. With the operations of the company, there was less issue observed when I went through one of the reports at the operational and the human resource department.

The meetings held were conducted professional, and I happened to gain all the knowledge I required by that time. The process was that ethusiazing such that I stood to learn on governance even before I had begun my official tasks. Everything was quite procedural and was taken with conditions (Henkel, 2007). The entire process was well developed. The more exciting thing was the meetings that got conducted as if without their undertaking nothing could happen next.


An orientation process is a necessity to any new employees. Most of the companies have appreciated the program by stating how they stand easily to measure the quality of the new staff. At the same time, orientation does provide a good way for understanding the most basic things within a given company. The process measures a lot about the quality of the activities taken within any given organization (Arthur, 2012). The process was well programmed within the Adobe systems such that it enabled the easy understanding and learning about the company operations, principles and other things. The activities undertaken were all well planned and ended up being successful on the ground that the company invested much in an orientation of new staff. The only deficit observed during the company was the less involvement in the present activities. It was an assumption that every person has his/ her start and must define its future.

In my opinion, the entire process of introduction within the Adobe system company was well conducted, and all defined objectives were achieved. It was my wish that I met the senior personnel especially the senior programmers but my efforts failed. They were not present in the entire meetings. However, I managed t conduct them and the informed me to prepare an official appointment with them which I pal to undertake in the follow up activities.

Training is necessary for my understanding of the techniques and the methods applied in the company for the developing of the activities and systems (Sommerville, 2007). This outlines the necessity of having a training session that will enable me to have the good understanding of the Adobe systems before I begin learning about the respective Adobe products.


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