Organizational Orientation

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As an attaché in the Global Data Mart, I considered the essence of ensuring that I get introduced to the company to reduce the anxiety I had so that I acquire the necessary knowledge and education. Many organizations do recognize orientation with the underlined benefits that it offers the organizations. I got the iteration developed in several divisions that described the kind of activities I got engaged during the orientation process (Melton, Iles-Smith, Yates & Institution of Chemical Engineers (Great Britain), 2008).

Primarily, I began with the pre-visiting to the company to have the early outlook of the Global Data Mart so that the actual introduction takes the shortest time possible. The process was done several days to the actual reporting date. The second tier of the iteration process was the reporting to the company and getting my account as an attaché at the Global Data Mart activated. During the process, I appreciated the chance offered to the human resource since that is where the whole process began. I ensured that the follow-up talks were done well at the request of developing a plan. Before getting to the introduction to the Global Data Mart details, I developed the project plan using the company planning sheet template.

The third tier defined the movement from one department within the company to the other to ensure that I well understand. The process was done by understanding the departmental staffing and other respective employees within the Global Data Mart Company.

The final tier defined the meetings that dominated the orientation process. The meeting served as the climax of the process by the fact of the information they carried (Henkel, 2007).


I began the introduction to Global Data Mart by making a pre-visit which aimed at easing the task during the entire actual orientation process. I visited the Global Data Mart some three days to the reporting time to have the early understanding of the physical location of the company and some other necessary details concerning the company. I stood to have the understanding of the principles that governed the company, the vision, and the mission. The pre-visit was enjoyable based on the warm welcome I was given.

I reported to the company a few days later. On reporting day, I went directly to the human resource section where I picked my appointment later. The letter defined the duration I was to work within Global Data Mart as an attaché. I got directed to the operational department where I developed by internship program plan to make sure that things are done systematically. At the operational section, I was given the direction on how to begin my introduction to the staffs before understanding the company details. I moved around the company from one department to the other to get introduced to the employees.

I planned for the meetings that were intended at providing the required information. During the meeting, I defined the objectives of getting to know the Global Data Mart Operational principles, products, and other required information. I attended several meetings to have the understanding of the entire Global Data Mart Company. During the meetings, I was introduced to the rules and regulations that govern working within Global Data Mart (Beam & MacFadden, 2001).


The organization orientation was an aspect that the Global Data Mart took with concerns such that every action was taken as necessary in counting on the future of the company. I decided to have the early visiting to the Global Data Mart to have that pre-evaluation of the company and stand to locate easily and understand the Global Data Mart easily. The pre-visit I made to Global Data Mart was really important to me such that I was able to have that early understanding of the company products alongside some of the unique things that have made the company to maintain the market status. The Global Data Mart is w   ell structured with the right procedures of undertaking activities. Based on the well-established operations the entire process was well developed, and I obtained the necessary informed as required (Melton, 2008).

The most observed action within the Global Data Mart was the teamwork that the employees had. Data analysis is a very crucial task that requires that well evaluation f data before providing the conclusions and presentations to describe the data. It was amazing that the employees operated as if without working as a team was against the rules of the company. During the meetings, the human resource representative mentioned of the success of the company lying in the teamwork and the commitment that the employees have towards their assigned tasks.

On the other hand, the welcoming at the company was warm, and this gave me the notion of wishing to understand the company structure, operational ways and the secrets behind becoming an expert in the field of data analysis. The departments were well developed and structured that I stood to have the understanding of the company location much easier with the benefits of pre-visiting the company.


Orientation is defined as a professional practice amongst international companies that understands the meaning of quality and skills development. Employee orientation stands out with some basic benefits of ensuring that the company obtains the understanding of the hidden skills amongst employees alongside the identification of their weakness. The process is outlined with the benefits of improving the delivery of the employee by measuring the quality of the quality of the staff. The process of introduction to the Global Data Mart was successful, and I obtained the information necessary for understanding the company operations and working requirements (, n.d).

The process was quite involving only that during the meeting, the senior personnel that I expected to meet never turned up instead their respective representatives represented them. The process of moving around was easily limited with the sense of many staff stopping me and trying to know who I was. However, that had been earlier accomplished with the pre-visit I had made earlier to the Global Data Mart. I have managed to communicate to several of the senior personnel especially the senior data analysts’ team with the company, and they have informed me to prepare an official request of meeting them in the next two weeks time. This means I will engage in a talk with them during the other iteration operations (Arthur, 2012).

To have that easy development of ideas and to capture the required information, it is always essential to have that precise understanding of the data analysts’ concepts and best knowledge regarding the company techniques. Therefore, this demands the best understanding of eth data analysis concepts and the basic technologies applied in the Global Data Mart. The requirements outline the necessity for training which is the follow-up activity.


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