Organizational change management

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Tech Biz Telecommunication

Tech Biz Telecommunication is a telecommunication firm that is involved in various service delivery and products selling relating to the telecommunication industry. The target of the company is the contracts that they seek to provide more, so the software development, networking and other telecommunication related products and services based on the client preference. The firm is vigilant at ensuring that the information of the clients is well protected. The company has advanced to the provision of the cloud computing services which has seen the growth of the Tech Biz Telecommunication Company throughout the East Africa region. Based on the services that the company is involved, one can bear witness about what the company should do about the firm data. The data is all about the clients’ personal information whereby the company is providing the storage facilities. The management of the clients’ information has been given the priority as well as the data storage facility. The Tech Biz Telecommunication Company has realized of the poorly established background information management system. Some of the clients have presented relating to the compromising of their data guaranteeing no confidentiality, integrity, and availability at all. The expansion of the company was done under a lot of assumptions that has got the integration of the new system with the old system. The integration of the systems got the old system to get overwhelmed with some of the operations that the system was intended to deliver.

The poor definition of governing procedures and principles relating to the staff access to the servers serves as the cause of the challenges that the company is experiencing at the moment. The staffs within the headquarters of the company have no restrictions to accessing the server room which should be made private and confidential. The company has at the same time failed to establish a good employee conduct ethic that has seen some of the employees misbehaving with the misuse of the privileges and priorities. The old system was designed in such a way that it cannot accommodate some other operations upon being integrated with another system. During the introduction of the cloud computing services and products, the company was under assumptions that the technicians are readily available to meet any technical issue that was to arise in the process of working with the new framework of the Tech Biz Telecommunication Company. The estimated number of clients was poorly done, and the number of the clients has even overwhelmed the system, and this has pulled down the efficiency of the service delivery.

The Tech Biz Telecommunication Company has also been challenged with the adoption and meeting of eth different standards that governs companies. This has brought about a controversial in the company management by the fact that the entire system of the company is not delivering the services accordingly, and the leadership and the management of the institution are challenged. The company extended the efforts towards finding the solution to the issues that has got the company deteriorates in the return on investment based on the defined expectations and setting the necessary factors to facilitate the processes.

The recommendation behind was the introduction of well integrative information system to boost the data management after having identified the particular section that was behind the overwhelming of the old system (Doom, 2009). All the services intended were retained. The second issue of concern was the coming up with refined governance that was to restrict the Tech Biz Telecommunication Company staff operations within the institution. The development of the governing principles was well achieved by the fact that the company has a relative number of experts. It was unfortunate that the delivery of the overall system to confine all company operations within a single system was not accomplished. The process adopted the traditional method of implementing change without taking in consideration that the company is expanding, and it is on the market by the fact that most of the organizations are moving towards the cloud computing. The system was well defined by unfortunate the introduced integrating system did not meet the established crucial requirements. The means of introducing change was tendered with the poor software acquisition process. Therefore, there is the necessity of introducing a new information management system to boost the management of the big data that the Tech Biz Telecommunication Company is managing. This will run towards meeting the clients’ requirements with ensuring that everything is of quality.

Organizational change theory

Problems are associated with the definition of the kind of environment that Companies are operating. To ensure that the services and operations are well delivered the underlying issues and challenges must get addressed within the required time to ensure that the company does not come to distinct.  Any company does always take that step of ensuring that all operations were undertaken to deliver the intended services, and goods get delivered with the reference to the defined requirements. This brings about understanding organization change which defines the addressing of the underlying issues. An organization change is always defined as the mechanisms put in place and the capability of undertaking some activities with the purpose of introducing some change within a company to majorly enhance the business operations and overall performance. Therefore, organization change is regarded as the way of applying different new ways of promoting and facilitating company operations trough enhancing the activities that regard a business performance. The new ways define the change with is associated with efficiency, effectiveness, and performance.

Organizational change is defined with some theories which are always applied differently. The theories can be implemented within the particular company or across a chain of companies that are associated.  There are some theories which cut across the internal company change, and this includes the organizational stage theory and the organizational development theory. Other theories that are defined with the external changes, such theories may be the Interorganizational relations (IOR) theory and the community coalition action theory as defined by Sarah (2013).

Stage theory is a method applied in introducing change within an organization by implementing the particular change in distinctive steps. The development of the change done stepwise defines the implementation of change in a series. The stage theory adopts the software development standards such that it requires a plan that describes the sequence of undertaking activities.  Therefore, stage theory defines the undertaking of activities in defined steps to ensure that the organization operations are boosted by introducing some intended changes. The activities are taken in steps.

The organizational development theory is the commonly applied method with the fact that it is used to introduce full changes that affect the general view of the company.   The theory is regarded as effective by the fact that human being is the resource used in providing the intended change. The technique takes the efforts of human to understand the current position of the organization by studying the operations undertaken and take a time to develop some reflective ways of impacting positively on the performance of the organization. In this case, the theory will depend highly on the human psychology getting it less technical.

The Interorganizational Relations theory (IOR) technique and the Community coalition action theory are quite related with their aim of focusing on introducing change across a given organization. The Interorganizational Relations theory (IOR) defines the relation that exists between the companies that operate on the same line while the Community coalition action theory impacts on the relationship existence amongst the organization subdivisions. The most appropriate organizational change theory that is appropriate to the Tech Biz Telecommunication Company is the stage theory. The solution to the issue within the company requires being developed stepwise with the testing of the impact to the performance of the company.

Stage theory

Stage theory is a technique applied in introducing change in an organization with the fact that it depends highly on the structure of the institution. Levinger (1976) describes the principles of the stage organizational change theory as the method that focuses on impacting the internal institutions operations. Subsequently, there is the argument that stage theory takes across the implementation of change by depending further on some guiding factors that are outlined with the capability of absorbing the organization structure understanding to deploy easily the change that shapes the business for good. Levinger developed the stage theory model that got the technicians through some technical and sequential steps. The model was described as ABCDE. The model letters define the actual activities that technicians are supposed to get involved. A defines the acquaintance/ attraction to a particular action that will impact positively on the business operations. B outlines the buildup that will grant that measure of ensuring interdependence for the ensuring of implementing a new operation to intended function. C means continuation/ consolidation of the current business operations to remain intact as the new operation gets introduced. D means deterioration of the current method thus demanding for a new way to accommodate the situation in case the technique fails to operate due to a technical error. E defines the end of introducing the intended operation within an organization.

The scholars, Elder & Paul (2010) defines stage theory as a technique linked with critical thinking development. The model outlines the need of a person taking the time to study and examine an object to have a good understanding and provide the way forward regarding the implementation of the object. Lewin a great psychologist also defined stage theory as a method that involves a person in three distinctive steps of introducing change in an organization. Hartzell describes the steps as unfreezing, changing and freezing.

In general, Stage theory is developed in four selective steps according to Lewin. These steps have been adopted differently only that the principles behind the concept remain intact to ensure that Lewin and Rogers remain in operation. The four steps involve an individual as follows;

  • Step 1: Creation of awareness over the problem that an organization is facing. The step involves the actions of examining alongside studying of the problem and conveying a possible solution to the issue within the company.
  • Step 2: Decision making. Outlines were making a sound step of selecting eth best way of adopting prior approaching the challenges for their eradication.
  • Step 3: Execution stage. The actual activity is to get the solution conveyed.
  • Step 4: Solidification. Describes the compacting of the solution to get it integrated and be part of the business fraternity.

Implementation of change using the stage theory of organizational change

The Tech Biz Telecommunication Company adopts stage theory as the organization change technique to ensure that the company acquires a good favorable system that will relieve the old company system and boost the overall data management.  The change was to introduce an advanced data management solution because the company was handling huge data that had overwhelmed the older system which was intended at boosting the cloud computing services and products. Therefore, the change involved the selection of the appropriate system by the fact that the earlier efforts failed with the system acquired failing to meet the defined requirements. The focus is the selection of the system since the company has qualified technicians the system upgrade won’t be an issue. The process was done in steps

Software selection criteria

The selection of the system for the Tech Biz Telecommunication Company was developed following the steps below. The intention is to get the conveying of the particular system that will meet the requirements of the Tech Biz Telecommunication Company to boost performance and the data storage and management.

Research and planning

This is the most critical part of the process as it involves an in-depth way of defining the requirements that the system will have to meet. This focuses on the identified issues that outline the way to get them solved. Planning plays a crucial role in application development and implementation. There is the formation of the special team to facilitate the process followed with the development of the plan to describe how activities will get undertaken during the entire process.

Identification of the requirements

The step involves the undertaking of research to have the identification of the particular areas to take focus and concentration. The information gathered is well analyzed as a way of defining the requirements for the information system. The possible systems are then proposed. Upon the presentation of the report, the technical team takes a time to evaluate and examine the systems in reflection to the system requirements. The process is followed by the selection of the possible suppliers or vendors for the system that suits the Tech Biz Telecommunication Company requirements.

Supplier evaluation

The suppliers are evaluated to reduce the list of vendors to a number, not less than 5 but not more than 7. The process involves the interviewing of the vendors and the practical and technical presentation of the system.

Supplier selection

The suppliers are followed with the on-site demonstrations which will further sieve the vendors and reduce the number to two. Finally, a reference check is then conducted to pick on the most potential supplier who gets into the contract negotiation with the Tech Biz Telecommunication Company. The system is implementation. The implementation process will involve the deployment of the system within the company, followed with the training of the staffs and establishing the system maintenance kit and governing principles.



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