Opioid Addiction in America

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Introduction (1–2 pages)

Reworked informative papers (10-15 pages)

Conclusion (1–2 pages)

Reference 12–15 scholarly resources

Follow all APA formatting guidelines for this paper

 Please follow this outline

  • Intro
  • Why issue is important
  • This is your hook (catch readers attention)
  • Thesis
  • Argumentative
  • 3 reasons (a, b, c)
  • consequences
  • solutions
  • Consequences (argue problem exists)
  • 3 consequences
  • Causes of problem
  • 3 causes
  • Solutions
  • Make recommendations specific

Causes of problem (these are some ideas)

  1. Doctors over prescribing (starting in the 1990’s)
  2. Pharmaceutical companies advertising/pushing
  3. Insurance companies (coverage, etc.)

Consequence of taking opioids (these are some ideas)

  1. High suicide rate
  2. High death rate
  3. High addiction rate

Things to include in paper:

  • The use of Narcan (medication)
  • Connection between blue collar jobs and opioid addiction (lower economic class = higher rate of opioid addiction)
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