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Active Lesson 6:online reporting about women offender

The article by Evans Kathleen on, “Media Representations of Male and Female ‘Co-Offending’: How female offenders portrayal in comparison to their male counterparts” is a dissertation that the author submitted to fulfill the requirements of her Bachelor Honors in Criminology at the University of Chester in 2012. The author via a Critical Discourse Analysis method examines how the female co-offenders portrayal about their male counterparts in the media. The author finds out that the current literature on the notions of femininity and masculinity as well as gender assumptions that reiterate about the offer with the sphere of media as the vital aspect in the focus of the work analysis.

The author states that there is the continuing ‘dominant ideology’ approach in reporting that encourage patriarchal stereotypes and gender roles that enable females offenders to be at the top level of interests and most importantly, the profit maker of most media houses. With the aim of finding out the disparities found in reporting of female and male offenders, it is crucial that there is no manner of questioning the criminalizing morality of the individuals breaking the law. Thus, it is true that the way media represent the female offenders is often disproportionate to the actual risk of victimization and incidence of crime. The female inequality poses a risk of disregarding other vital issues of relevance.

Thus, the media needs to adopt a more balanced approach and other follow-up research that are on quantitative perspectives.  The study by Evans (2012) successfully shows that despite having the equal society assumptions, there are still the gender disparity issues that are highly pertinent. There is a need for more effort in dealing with this kind of discrimination in the way the author acknowledges the issues for improvement the analysis of female and male co-offending in the media (Evans, 2012).


Evans, K. (2012) Media Representations of Male and Female ‘Co-Offending’: How female offenders portrayal in comparison to their male counterparts. Internet Journal of Criminology.

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