Online Ordering Application by Java Programming

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I was not going to start my internship in the development of online ordering application by Java programming without being introduced and oriented to the company. Therefore, before I engaged in anything constructive and regarding the application, I will be introduced to the company. However, the orientation and the introduction will not be specific. It will involve the entire company since the development of the application will involve and include most of the departments at the company. Therefore, I am expecting to gain as much knowledge as possible from the process of introduction and orientation.

I will ensure that I have gained as much information from the process as possible by preparing thoroughly. One of the ways through which I am going to ensure thorough preparation is by preparing a list of questions which I will ask the officer in charge of the orientation and introduction to the company. Additionally, I will prepare questions specific to each department. However, I will not be in a position to prepare all the questions since some of them will come up during the process. However, I will ask as much as possible thus ensuring I have grasped most of the things during the session.

It was not indicated the time I will be supposed to arrive at the company’s premises. However, I will arrive as early as possible so that I will not miss anything which will be said and which will be important during my internship at the company. I also believe there is no better way to which I am going to grasp most of the things from the introduction without recording. Therefore, I will record all the important points and go through them later.


On the day I was to be introduced and oriented to the company, I arrive at the company very early in the morning. However, I did not leave the house without first ensuring that I had all the writing materials such as books and pens. Although I knew the company would provide such things on that day, I ensured that I was always prepared in case things were not going to be the way I was expecting. Therefore, I prepared the book and a pen after which I left the house. I also ensured that I had taken a passport size photo in case it would be required.

I arrived at the company’s premises as early as I would have wanted. I was surprised to find out that most of the employees and other workers had not arrived by the time I arrived. Therefore, I proceeded straight to the security desk to the gate where I was going to leave my details. However, the security officer at the gate had been informed that I would be coming, and therefore, there was no need of leaving any details. It did not take long before the manager of the human resource department arrived. However, I did not walk with him to the office.

I had waited for some time before he called at the gate requesting me to see him in his office. The security officer directed me to the office where I found him waiting. We went through the paper works while getting the information on the company’s management, departments, and the employees. The manager also requested for my photo where he was going to use it to make an employee ID which I was going to use to access to some of the secured areas in the company. I was later taken to the company after which we visited the software development team at the Department of IT.


According to the observations I made, the company gave the process of orientation weight because it is a part of the company’s long-term investment in the employees at the company. Therefore, it was not a process I went through alone since most of the employees at the company were supposed to go through it before starting working at the company. Additionally, I observed that the company took it as a process and not a program because of its importance to the company. There was also a need for the new employees to ensure that they got as much as possible from it.

The company is very serious in the ways it treats its employees before they start working at the company. I observed that the company took it upon themselves to ensure that a new employee was comfortable at the company. Additionally, I observed that there was no any other way they would achieve this other than during the orientation and introduction of the employee. Other observations showed that it paid since the employees were performing after realizing that the company had invested in them in the best way possible and that the company relied on them as much as they relied on the other components comprising the company.

The company was very organized, and employees skilled in the ways they performed their duties. This observation led me to conclude that they were very motivated, and the company expected them to perform in the best way possible. The company also had very many departments where each had its workers. Each of the workers was expected to know about each of the department and not the department in which they worked only.


Orientation and introduction to the company provided a learning opportunity for me about the company. This opportunity would not have come by if I had not taken the first initiative to appear at the company and express my desire to learn more about the company. Additionally, I would not have learned as much as I wanted if I had not planned thoroughly before the actual day I was to be introduced to the company. Therefore, each of the achievements in the process was as a result of hard work, determination, and willingness to go an extra mile to get the best out of the process.

The fact that I was able to learn all these is an indication that the process was successful. One of the most successful things about the process is how I prepared before the day I was to be oriented and introduced to the company. Also, the fact that I arrived early at the premises made a big difference between the success and failure that day. I believe that it was a choice between success and failure where I went on to choose success. Therefore, I was also able to learn how planning before acting pays and how action should be executed once everything has been planned.

The process of orientation and introduction to the company was full of success, something that made the difference. However, there are some instances along the way where things did not go in the way I would have wanted or in the way I had planned earlier. I had planned to prepare a list of questions which I was going to ask during the orientation. However, I was unable to do that. Additionally, I did not engage the employees in the best way where I would have learned more than I did. However, in general, the orientation succeeded.

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