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1.Describe how would you inquire the gang violence in the City of Chicago as a field researcher?

An inquiry into gang violence in the city of Chicago as a field researcher requires the researcher to be careful not to get involved in an instance of violence. The researcher would most probably use methods that do not subject them to the probable violence of gangs. A particular instance of such a method is the interviewing of gang members. Therefore, a field researcher can use methods such as secondary analysis. Secondary analysis refers to an investigation in which data gets gathered and processed by a particular researcher and then get reanalyzed by another researcher (Maxfield, Michael, and Earl Babbie, 351). The process of inquiring about gang violence in Chicago would entail several systematic processes namely 1) preparation, 2) data collection and investigation, 3) data analysis, and 4) documenting findings. Preparation would comprise of obtaining the necessary permission from the relevant authorities and preparation of data collection materials. Data collection and data analysis would entail gathering of information using various techniques. Documenting findings would entail discussion of the findings that get represented in figures such as bar charts and tables.

  1. Discuss and describe, in detail, the research methods that you would employ to study gang violence in the City of Chicago.

An effective research method that is suitable to study gang violence in the City of Chicago is the use of secondary analysis by a field researcher. Secondary analysis entails the collection of data by the field research to address new research questions using data collected by other researchers. The specific approaches may include the use of surveys, law enforcement agency records, field observation and content analysis. Surveys by the field research will include open and closed ended questions that will get given to different stakeholders in the City of Chicago who include the residents of the city, the police, media reporters in Chicago, etc. The data will first identify some violence gangs in the city of Chicago. It will also seek to determine the frequency of gang violence in the streets of Chicago by asking the respondents to state the past experiences of gang violence they have experienced, witnessed or heard. The other approach is reviewing agency records for data relating to arrests and sentences of criminal offenders relating to gang violence and also cases reported of gang violence. Field observation will include observation of persons injured by gang violence in hospitals, the number of graves of people buried as a result of gang violence as well as observing the presence of gang violence in the streets and the fear in people. Content analysis will entail the analysis of information contained in media communication in Chicago. They include television news, magazines, and newspapers that report gang violence incidents in the city, the most likely victims of gang violence as well as the adverse impacts.

  1. Discuss and describe how such a field study that you would conduct will help the police to deal effectively with gang-related violence in the City of Chicago or other places.

Research carried out by a field researcher about gang violence in the City of Chicago would be very helpful and significant to various stakeholders such as police department. The police would use the data to identify the hot spots of gang violence thus enhance security through efforts such as increased street patrols. The police would also compare the number of reported cases resulting from gang violence and the actual cases that the residents state occur hence attempt to enhance measures of curbing the crime such as increase community policing. The police may use the data to increase its force so as to minimize the adverse consequences of gang violence. The police force can also use the findings of the study so as to educate the public especially the most vulnerable individuals such as children, women, etc. as well as take other interventions that ensure that they do not become victims of gang violence.


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