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  1. As a field officer, I would use diverse strategies in inquiring about the issue of gang violence in the city of Chicago. In inquiring on the topic, I would visit the law enforcement agencies especially the task force that is meant to deal with the gang. I will manage to inquire about the diverse issues that inform gang tendencies, among the issues I would enquire on visiting the agency would be on the strategies that they criminals use of carrying out gang attacks. Additionally, the taskforce would be vital in offering information about the issue of gang territories and what informs the demarcation of the territories. Information on whether the different gangs have different methods of attack additionally would be resourceful from the task force (Bernard, 2011). I would further conduct the inquiries by making visitations to the centers that host reformed gang members and inquire in the different attributes of the gang violence. With the help of individuals that do not appear to be a threat to the gang members, as the social services personnel, I would visit the territories managed by the different gangs and conduct an assessment of the different issues that inform their philosophies. Additionally, visiting the social service department which is directly involved with these members would additionally be a vital step in enhancing my inquiry.
  2. The research methods I would employ in studying the gang violence phenomena includes the case studies with the gang members either in groups or individually. The application of the case studies is going to offer an exceptional opportunity for me to assess the private attribute about gangs as the attack methods as well as their ideologies. In-depth interviews encompass the main research strategy I will be employing in the assessment of the gang violence subject. I would conduct interviews with the gang members to assess the reasons they are joining the gangs along with the recruitment strategies employed. I would additionally interview the law enforcement agencies to assess the problem that the issue of gang violence possesses in Chicago (Bernard, 2011). It would additionally encompass the assessment of the strategies they are employing to deal with the problem and the challenges that inhibit their effectiveness in dealing with the problem. Interviewing the stakeholders as the social service officers, religious and members of the other social groups will be vital in offering information on the gang violence statistics and the common reasons they believe contribute to gang membership.
  3. Through the implementation of the above field study, it will be possible to deal with the gang violence effectively in Chicago. One of the main attribute that the study contributes is the fact that it offers a general assessment of the common attributes that entice the youth to join the gangs. The underlying attribute, in this case, is that the only way to deal with gang violence is by cutting off their supply of members and thus dealing with the issues that lead to the recruitment will starve them of the members leading to the eventual deal. The additional attribute that the research contributes is the fact that it develops a reliable database of the issues as gang territories that offer the enforcement agencies and the other policy makers with a clear view of the problem. The impacts that the information gained makes it possible for the stakeholders to put in place measures that are going to ameliorate the problem in their territories. The additional involvement of the different stakeholders will offer a platform that offers an assessment of how they can contribute to the resolution of the gang violence menace in Chicago.


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