Online Discussion Subject #4

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  1. The objective of the research has been on the assessment of the explosive increase in the number of the policies as well as procedures and programs that are aimed at the reduction or curtailing of the cases of domestic violence in the US. The research method that was employed in this study was the classical experimental design that was employed in the assessment of whether the court can exert change in men that have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence via mandating them to take part in an SAAP. The key issues described in the article encompass the programs, policies as well as procedures that are aimed at the reduction or the management of the issue of domestic violence in the US. The chief emphasis has been on the increase in the court mandated counseling that is targeted at the wife batters. The additional key issue addressed is on the effectiveness of the of the spouse abuse abatement programs that are in practice all over the US, with the aim being the reduction of the frequency and severity of the subsequent violence.
  2. The court mandated treatment program encompasses the act by the court whereby they charge an individual with a misdemeanor domestic violence and assigning the individual to an SAAP. The program by the court additionally encompasses committing the individual to a probationary period whereby the county probation office is tasked with the monitoring of the individual’s progress in their compliance with the provisions that have been set by the judge in the sentence, including the attendance of the SAAPs.
  3. The study employed the classical experimental design in testing whether it is possible for the courts to impact change in men who have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence by mandating them to participate in SAAP. The study used 447 subjects who had been convicted of the misdemeanor domestic violence in Broward County with the period of 5 months in 1997. The selection of the subjects was random in their assignment to either the experimental or control group. The only exception that was included in the study related to the couples whereby the defendant or the victim could not speak.
  4. The major study findings include the indication that the beliefs men held about the legitimacy of wife beating, the perception of responsibility for the incidents as well as their attitudes on the proper duties for the women did not change for the one’s mandated into the BIPS. It was also found that women who were involved with younger men with no stable residence were more likely to self-report cases of severe physical violence against their partners.
  5. Yes, the intervention did work. The overall attribute was that man was more likely to be deterred by the implications of refusing to attend the court mandated sessions. The participation in the program mandated by the court had a huge support for the change in the offenders’ behavior, which reduced the cases of domestic violence. Further the programs worked due to the deterrent effect of the consequences the perpetrators knew they would receive if they reoffended. The overall assertion is that the man who attended the SAAPs sessions were strongly deterred from cases of rearesst even when they have not been mandated to the batterer treatment programs.
  6. The intervention is an effective means of preventing cases of domestic violence in that the provision of counseling offers the offenders with an avenue they can employ in dealing with the issues that predispose them to carry out the offense. Additionally, the fact that the court spells out the consequences of reoffending ensures that the offender is deterred from committing the offense to avoid the consequences.


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