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Iteration 1: Orientation to the organization

As a way of understanding the operations within the organization, I will undergo a through orientation. That will be undertaken towards appreciating and understand the procedures, principles and the standards that are defined by the company for the overall governance. During the implementation iteration, I will introduce myself to several departments and some of the essential key staff especially the information technology department where I will be based. Several meeting will be held as a way o providing a clear understanding of the activities. Subsequently, I will develop the plan for the remaining activities for my project.


My plan for the orientation in, I first of all had to make an application to the company to request the relevant staffs to orient me into the company. That was necessary as the company required it to be done that way so that the task would be in their programs. The other plan I had was also to perform some company web, and the essence of doing that was to gain the knowledge on how the orientation is conducted in the company ahead of the actual session. I planned then to meet the company’s relevant staff, especially the human resource management staff on April 5, 2016, when the orientation was scheduled to start. They would introduce me to the Company and make sure that I feel part of the company as they also prepare me for the subsequent iterations.

The next staffs that I planned to meet on the second day of the orientation, that is, April 6, 2016, were the IT specialist staffs who would then guide me through the information system of the company including my duties while working as an IT specialist intern in the company. I planned to get the knowledge on the way the company serves it client through the online cab hiring system and what I would be expected to do while carrying out my duties in the company. I also planned to solicit the assistance of these staffs to understand the security systems of the company and more importantly the way the company secures the online transactions. I also planned to understand the laid down security policies and how I would be working in a bid to support those policies. Through the same, I also planned to understand any loopholes in their information security systems and then devise a plan for making improvements while I would be executing my duties as an intern.


After I made an application on March 29, 2016, and got the positive response on April 3, 2016, I got the assurance that my orientation in would go on well as anticipated. I then embarked on searching the company’s website as well as other sites on the Web that had relevant information on the company in question. That would help me have some crucial knowledge ahead of the actual day.  I got some information about the company by examining its profile from the LinkedIn and among other sites. That information helped me to prepare adequately for the session.

On April 5, 2016, when the orientation was scheduled to start, I met the company’s human resource management team that guided me through the organization’s profile. They explained the history of the company, its market position, its spectrum of clients, its structure, the type of leadership used in the company and the location of various departments and company branches.  I also was taken around the company to identify the various offices and to have an introduction to the various staffs of the company with whom I would be interacting during my internship in the company. I was then given the program for the following day that would be the second day of orientation.

On April 6, I met the company’s information technology team in the company’s Training Hall. These information technology specialists had qualifications and specializations in various areas including system administration, network administration, network engineering, Web design, programming, and data analysis among other areas. They oriented me to the company’s information system, its IT infrastructure, the online system, the security system and all my technical responsibilities while working in the company as an IT specialist intern. I also got an orientation on some of the security policies and discovered some loopholes in the security policies that I then planned to make an improvement.


I observed that orientation program is crucial in companies because through the same, the interns get to have an understanding of the company in which they are doing the internship and the duties in which they will get involved. The orientation of new workers into a company involves the training on the basics such as showing them how to carry out their duties safely and efficiently (Klein & Weaver, 2000). It is the perfect time to start the training of soft skills and to introduce the new workers to an organization’s culture, products, services, policies, and its market position (Sharpe, 2000). Through the same I observed that the company had great expectations from the interns, and so I did not want to disappoint them by failing to meet their expectations while I worked as an IT specialist intern. The human resource management team is the one responsible for the orientation of new workers in a company, and they help to offer relevant information to the new workers in light of their duties (Robinson, Burns & Gaw, 1996).

As an intern in, I also observed that there is much information provided to the intern during the training. The orientation training entails basic literacy training, technical training, interpersonal skills training, problem-solving skills, and diversity training (Lam &White, 1998). I observed that the training on the soft skills was as crucial as the orientation training on the hard skills. I also observed that the company can reach many clients through the online cab hiring. That is because online marketing enables one to build relations with the clients as well as the prospects of via regular, and low-cost personalized communications that reflect the move from the mass marketing. Online transactions offer two key benefits including simplicity and efficiency (Bog, Krüger & Schaffner, 2008). I also observed that the company is one of the pioneers of online cab hiring companies in India and for that reason it has numerous clients across Mumbai and other regions around the country.


The orientation in Company helped me to learn many things about the company. The introduction given by the human resource management team enabled me to have in-depth knowledge of the company including its culture, structure, the clients, the company history, the company’s hiring process among other crucial information. It was just like any orientation given to new employees when they are first recruited into a company. Effective orientation training results in personal as well as the professional growth that in turn results in increased productivity as well as helps companies to achieve their long-term goals (Fink, 1992). I got to learn about a way to go in achieving my professional and personal growth while working in the company as an intern and even in my future career.

The close supervision of the training of the human resource management team helped to make sure that it was done on the right was and that it entailed the delivery of all the relevant information to interns. The second-day orientation with the IT professionals also helped me acquire the technical skills. Through the same I also got to learn about what is lacking or is ineffective in the company and how to close those loopholes while doing my internship in the

During the orientation session, I observed a few things that did not go as had anticipated. There are managers that showed some resistance to the training because they claimed that it took them away from their jobs. I suggest there to be a program introduction in the company at educating the managers on the essence of orienting the new interns and employees because these are the people that will help to relieve them of their duties. The company also leveraged the one-on-one training instead of utilizing a variety of methods such as publications and media. Those would have safety them time and enabled the interns to garner an essential information.


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