The need for education reforms

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It is the time that the government should make education and the young people its top priority. With this, there is a need for education reform that aims at providing high-quality education for everyone. Advocating for the need to change the education in the country and focus on restoring its primary role of offering quality education for all is essential. Lack of providing our children with quality education tends to have negative impacts. When there is no proper education, the generation of children will continue growing up without the essential knowledge, they need to be able to compete in the workforce. As a result, we are in a position where, as a country, we are at risk of losing our power in this world.

Education reform

The US tends to have a high rate of student dropouts. Students need to have an opportunity of gaining equal learning opportunities. However, instead of that, some are not acquiring any education. “In 1970, the US did have the highest rate of high school graduation in the world, and now it has one of the lowest” (Robinson 2013). The graduation rate in the country tends to be decreasing as many young people are dropping out of school. The school dropouts tend to be one of the major problems of the education system. Dropouts have a significant impact on the social costs and economic costs. The social costs can be regarding social exclusion and involvement in criminal acts.

The economic impact of dropping out of school tends to have an impact on more than just the individual. Half of Americans on the public assistances are school dropouts (Lynch 2014). With the high rates of dropouts, the society is not only paying for public assistances programs for the dropouts but also to protect ourselves against them through the incarceration Rumberger (2011). There have been various efforts in place so as to help solve this issue. One includes the launch of the No Child Left Behind. Despite the policy, the rates of school dropouts have been increasing.

So as to help resolve the issue, we need to cater to the different needs of our children and also the learning styles. Some changes in the education system need to be implemented. There is a need for new teaching schedules. Teachers need to find new ways of teaching and providing students with information. Some of the reasons why students drop out of school are because they are bored of the old learning system and feel tired of school; thus, dropout. When teachers prioritize on the acquisition of skills, it tends to be possible to cater for the different learning styles and diverse range of children that we teach. Teachers can help solve the problem by considering applauding student’s achievements. Instead of stigmatizing the low-achieving students and also making them feel guilty, they should focus on applauding success while they are curbing competition through using cooperative processes.


Education reform is necessary for our learning system, and we should also provide investment in quality professional training for our education staff. We need to invest more money into the efforts of enhancing learning experiences and also programs that will help reduce students dropping out. When we ensure that students graduate, it helps to reduce the rate of unemployment as most people get to qualify for jobs.


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