National and state government

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The US constitution did build a government based on federalism that is divided power between the state and the national government. The nations and the state tend to share power, and the power is not just concentrated at any level of the government (Welch et al. 2009). The state and the national government tend to be each sovereign in their spheres. Federalism refers to the sharing of powers between the federal government and the individual state government. Under the Constitution, there are certain powers granted an exclusive to either the state government or the national government, while there are other powers that they share.

Those powers that are needed to deal with issues of national concern are granted to the national government, and the state government has the power to deal with issues that pertain to those issues that affect a particular state (Welch et al. 2009).  The national government has the power to print money, enter into treaties with a foreign government, declare war, make laws necessary to enforce the Constitution, establish post offices, regulate commerce between the state and international trade, and establish a navy or an army.

The state government has powers to conduct elections, issue licenses provide for public health and safety, regulate intrastate, establish local government, and constitution like setting the legal drinking. The state also exercises the powers that are neither delegated to the national government or those prohibited from the state (Welch et al. 2009). There are some powers that the state and the national government usually share. These powers include taking private property with compensation, borrowing money, creating and collecting taxes, setting up courts, making and enforcing laws, building highways, spending money for bettering the general welfare, and chartering corporations and banks.


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