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Information Management Systems have provided a good way of maintaining data within businesses. Information has been regarded as the greatest assets next to the company employees. To have the understanding of the Information Management Systems, the article provides an overview of understanding the major trends impacting the Information Management Systems. The article is entitled as three trends that will impact Information Management Systems beyond 2015. Currently, there is the explosion in the market intelligence where the business is highly seeking for the hidden opportunities and improving the businesses growth.

The Information Management Systems are highly applied in decision making as far as management of the system is concerned. The professional and experienced managing of Information Management Systems gets one to highlight the changing needs of the users as well as the information sources and the kind of information necessary for the sound decisions. The article is based on the intelligence market trends 2020 survey done to 139 business managers located in the different cities in Europe. According to the results, it is outlined with three identical key technological trends that stand to have an impact on the Information Management Systems will develop and operate in the next five years.

The basic trends identified are the data collection automation, information analysis automation and cross function integration. The survey respondents feel that market intelligence systems are supposed to automate the processes of data collection by 2020 by the fact that there is the increase in the creation of companies and data. Supportively, real-time data has been regarded as highly influential when it comes to decision making. It requires the Information Management Systems get a feed with the data in an automation way meaning that some tools need to get developed to have the task done effectively. IT managers have the duty to implement the possible and reliable methods of ensuring effectiveness and timeliness in data collection automation (Jupp & Sapsford, 2006).

There is the clear seen of the big data and quantitative data onslaught that got the recommendation for information analysis automation as among the leading trends. It is revealed that big data have a great impact on the market intelligence actions. Intelligence is brought about with the undertaking of some actions such as the data analytics which require some special tools (Sherman, 2014). In the process of automating data analysis, sophisticated tools and techniques are required such as the Tableau software, the Spotfire, and Targit. Such can be considered for the task to bring about the intended advantage. Two-thirds of the survey respondents feel that integration of the automated data collection and analysis with the company functions and operations will give the company a good move. Technical integration is regarded as necessary with the fact that it provides the ways of sharing the information between systems. In that case the management information systems. It is therefore outlined that organization has to adopt some sophisticated systems have the good interpretation of negative and positive market signals. Such will provide good ways of growing in operations.




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