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Is the movie based on a true story?

The Hoax is an amusing black farce that represents an engaging examination based on facts but not tethered to them. How a circumstance can start small and slack and develop immensely out of hand as it takes on a life of its own.The film centers on the struggling novelist who is in desperate need of money. He goes against the backdrop of a reelection calculation and attempts to convince a publishing house of his collaboration with a reclusive former film director and aviator Howard Hughes. With the help of a friend, he does a research and finds a manuscript written by a longtime Hughes associate. This enabled him to play on corporate greed. He also banks on the reluctance to enter the public eye as he had not spoken in public for 15 years. The struggling novelist manages to obtain a seven-figure sum from Life magazine and publishers McGraw-Hill before finally being rumbled.

The crime committed involves acquiring illegally procured documents to provide a foundation for the book. It takes place when a struggling author with bold ambitions puts in determination required to see him through. He attempts to sell his latest novel to McGraw Hill through an in-house publisher. However, it falls through at the last minute and is frustrated. The humiliated author gets a glimpse of Hughes, a billionaire on a publication cover. Later, he and a friend begin to visualize about a situation in which the author convinces publishers of his selection to write the billionaire’s memoirs. The revenge fantasy is transformed into a complex reality when the novelist approach skeptical McGraw Hill’s official with a chain of forged letters apparently written by the billionaire himself and offering solid support for the project. His credibility is persistently questioned as the game is planned at every turn. The novelist is forced to sustain a more and more difficult pretense as he convinces McGraw-Hill to make payment to the billionaire at a tune of one million dollars as payment for the rights of his story

The crime takes place due to the novelist’s desperate need of money. The second factor is that contributes to the commission of the crime apart from the situation is influence relationships and social bonds. Another factor that would have contributed to the behavior is the novelist’s personalities that have strong links to white-collar offenders.There are various characters involved in the film. The lead character is Clifford Irving, who plays the role of a novelist. The author’s wife is named Edith. The executives of McGraw-Hill also play a significant role in making publishing deals with the lead actor. Dick Suskind plays the role of Clifford Irving friend. He accompanies him to get more information about the billionaire’s firms. He plays a part in the stealing files on Hughes from the Department of Defense to obtain more information on Hughes companies.  He also accompanies Clifford Irving to see Noah Dietrich, who was Hughes right-hand man for thirty years. Dick sneaks out with a manuscript and makes a copy against Noah’s wishes. He also makes himself a co-author of Hughes book.  Clifford Irving tells an incredible story concerning how they met the billionaire. The Chief Editor of life magazine also plays an important role. The Editor offers to pay an amount as rights for publishing part of the book in the magazine. Nina plays the role of Clifford Irving’s mistress. Richard Eaton is a rival writer of Hughes “authorized” biography.

Harold McGraw is the Chairman of McGraw-Hill. Ralph Graves is the Chairman of Life magazine.  Harold McGraw and Ralph Graves meet to discuss the state of affairs on the announcement of a rival book by Richard Eaton. Clifford Irving claims that the book is a fake.  Hughes expresses his enragement on the selling of serialization rights to his autobiography without his consent. The crime took long before being discovered. However, a turn of events led to the discovery of the crime. Clifford says that McGraw-Hill is coming to Hughes is coming in person.  McGraw-Hill makes special arrangements in preparation for his arrival. A helicopter is supposedly containing Hughes flies up. The helicopter turns back, and the company accepts the manuscript as real. After publishing the book, the Hughes organization sends men to kidnap Clifford and his wife and attacks them with legal action. Hughes demands that dirt on President Nixon be put in the book. McGraw-Hill puts the information about Nixon on the book after being convinced by McGraw-Hill. However, an individual warns the Office of the President about the content of the book. At the same time, McGraw-Hill establishes that the check was fraudulently cashed. The police begin looking for the lady who cashed the check. Clifford also establishes that Hughes used him to get President Nixon to cooperate saving one hundred million dollars for Hughes.

The discovery of the crime adversely affected offender’s reputation and career as an author. The crime is resolved through a court process. Clifford, Dick, and Edith go are required to pay restitution. The three parties also face a jail term.  Nixon’s paranoia influenced him to order the Watergate break-in of the Democratic Party National Headquarters, which eventually led to his resignation.Greed is involved in the film. Greed was motivated by the perpetrator’s desire to get money. The white collar crime seemed to be the perfect plot to get rich speedily.  Hughes’ greed was motivated by his desire to revenge.  However, Clifford greed may have been based on something more complex than greed for money and arrogance. He is depicted as an unhappy individual, desperate, a washed-up hack and humorless writer who lives in a conservative New York suburb. The writer’s situation may have influenced his desire to live a better life. The dream would only be achieved by getting involved in a crime that would bring in a large chunk of money.

The entity was both a victim and a perpetrator. The novelist approach skeptical McGraw Hill’s official with a chain of forged letters apparently written by the billionaire himself. He manages to obtain money from Life magazine and publishers McGraw-Hill before finally being rumbled. The entity also failed to discover the crime despite the announcement of a rival book by Richard Eaton. McGraw-Hill sells serialization rights of Hughes’ autobiography without his consent. The entity loses money despite persistently questioning Clifford credibility. The propensity to take part in unlawful conduct is systemic and is inherent in a competitive, free-enterprise economic system in a society oriented toward the individual. The media correctly portrays the crime. Research says that white collar crime is a passive crime that engrosses cheating and dishonesty in commercial issues. It involves individuals who take advantage of their exceptional knowledge for financial benefits (Allan, 2014).  White collar crimes often have far wide-reaching effects as they involve a large number of people as well as large amounts of funds in exchange. The illegal activity is characterized by a breach of trust, cover-up and dishonesty and that are not reliant upon the application or threat of violent behavior or substantial force (Piquero& Clipper, 2014).



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