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1.Family development theory

The family development theory that I consider closest to reality is the Symbolic Interactionism Theory. It is a theory that acknowledges the fact that individuals can develop a sense of self in their process of interacting with others. Family units in the present day have changed since members do not face restrictions from interacting with others either in person or via the social media. In the process of this interaction, family members develop their sense of self and have the freedom to learn from themselves the meanings of wrongs and rights. Oneself development is possible in the process of this interaction.

  1. My family response


Strength Area Very Strong Some Growth Needed Much Growth Needed
Caring & appreciation X*    
Time together * X  
Encouragement X*    
Commitment   X*  
Communication X *  
Adaptive Ability     X*
Spirituality X*    
Community & family ties  X*  
Clear Responsibilities X*  


  1. Family development theory:

The family Circle has a set of developmental tasks and predictable patterns which the families experience within the duration of time. Each phase is a period when the family has its unique structure, and the structures contain transitions as the family shifts from one stage to another.

Questions for group members:

  1. Is there a child or children for the married couple?
  2. What age is the oldest child?
  3. Does the child live with the parents?
  4. Family stress

The source of family stress is mostly school/ work obligations. It is essential for family members to set time for each other which gives them an opportunity to communicate with one another. The members can also set rules such as having dinner together as part of the family tradition. They in the process of communication will learn how to help each other in managing their sources of stress.

  1. Other stressors affect families

Material aspects such as finances lack personal time. Crime and violence substance abuse, obsession with sex, cultural tension, and poor economy.

-issues in my family

My family deals with financial problems

-overcome them

Minimizing our living expenses and us children not wanting too much from our parents just because our friends have what we don’t have.

  1. International Family Strength Model:

IFSM included a wide range of factors that affect families. The need for affection and appreciation is crucial since showing care to one another is the source of strong family relationships. It also shows the importance of communicating and spending time with one another. My family fits this model because we take our dinner together, and we spend time together each weekend. We appreciate and congratulate each other for any good work and achievements.

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