Marriage and family

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Marriage and family in the ancient days, in the recent past and today has various similar characteristics and also has undergone evolution leading to several differences. Marriage in the past, as well as today, has got considered to be an important social institution in the society. Family as an institution got recognized in traditions, customs, and cultures of traditional societies and played specific roles. In the modern society, marriage also gets recognized and protected by laws and constitutions of different communities, governments, and other institutions. In the past as well as today, marriage has a great religious significance and a wedding ceremony meant and is still a celebration and festivity time. Long before the emergence of religious groupings such as Christianity, marriage was considered as a sacred ritual. Today, weddings get held by various religious groups. Marriage in the society, both in the ancient and present serves a crucial role in ensuring human continuity through child-bearing and child-rearing.

The definition of marriage and family in the ancient days and present also has differences. In the past, marriage involved the joining of a man and woman. However, today, same-sex marriages get accepted by various societies. In some communities, polygamous marriage was widely accepted, unlike in the present were some religious values disapprove of polygamy. Also, in the past the roles of partners in a marriage and family were specific, unlike today were spouses responsibilities are flexible –negotiable and renegotiable. In ancient days, marriage was a permanent bond between two individuals; however, it has since evolved leading to widespread acceptance of divorce and separation by societies. The practice in some communities in the modern society has evolved to a social contract between a man and a woman, whose aims are economic, social and biological. The values in which marriage got founded in the past such as faith, respect, love, holiness, togetherness and love, have since faded in the modern society.

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