Marriage and family

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Marriage is a foundational institution for families which latter creates a society.  Despite a significant role it plays in creating a great society, marriage has challenges. When such challenges are not addressed, many social problems start to emerge. Among them is divorce and single parenthood.  Such problems are against the social construct of families, and therefore, enduring marriages can help solve them.

Ideas for Enduring Marriages

Some Ideas are important in Enduring Marriages.  The reason to have them is that many desperate situations do occur and having perfect strategies to deal with them make marriages successful.  First, thinking of something that the spouse has done to bring a smile is important. Spouses need to make each other laugh like no one else can. This makes marriage partners to cement their love.  Having some sense of humor in the marriage and keeping a straight face is very important.  When marriage partners practice this, it becomes hard for them to stay angry when If they think back to the good moments they had. Trying this lifts couples spirits. Avoiding spouse-bashing is another thing that creates an enduring marriage. It is always tempting to call peers or vent to coworkers when things are tough.  Despite the fact that it’s okay to reach out, it’s totally not good to say bad things about marriage partner. If anything bad ever came out about a marriage partner, others should receive it as a surprise. Besides, focusing on good things to attribute to a spouse helps in remembering why marriage should be cemented. Doing something out of love, despite the fact that one doesn’t feel like is vital in enduring marriage. Cooking special meals, surprising marriage partners with gifts, or giving a spouse some foot rub at the day end make marriage strong. This can extend far, not just for giver, but for the receiver, too. It seems a cliche, but sometimes people have to pass through the motions for a while before their feelings align. It can appear an extra work in the marriage, but it becomes rewarding for marriage partners. Spouses must also know that good feeling doesn’t last all the times. The reason is that no single person escapes encountering tough times in their marriage, but many genuinely remain happy in their marriages.  Marriage is life that is full of seasons that differ. Wishing your spouse as well as yourself is also something that remains a recipe for enduring marriage.  Husband and wives need to share meditation and prayer. Unfortunately, many people do not do this. Some become extra busy, tired, or plain lazy. Enduring marriages always welcome God back into the center of their marriage, and praying together enables this. Finally, asking for help is very important in enduring marriages.  Spouses should not allow their fears to keep them from reaching out to persons who love them and want them to succeed in their marriage. This can help in handling complex challenges that could not be solved solely by marriage partner.

Social Exchange Theory in Enduring Marriage

This theory focuses on outcomes of relationships which is a perfect scenario in marriage. It suggests that relationship partners (spouses) concentrate on positive results (rewards) and negative results (costs) of their relationships (marriage).  Positive outcomes social rewards as well as material rewards. Costs can be opportunity costs. Basing on this theory, persons evaluate relationships both on actual rewards as well as costs regarding perceived rewards and costs. Similarly, spouses assess relationship outcomes based on their comparison level as well as their comparison level for alternatives. Comparison level is the outcomes that spouses think they deserve or expect to get, in marriage. Comparison level for alternatives becomes the outcomes that spouses believe that they can get if they enter a different marriage. Spouses with a low comparison level as well as low similarity level regarding alternatives seem to have a great degree of dependency on their marriage, and they always feel unable to avoid enduring their marriages. Alternatives are always broadly construed. They are not just alternative marriage, but alternatives to being in a marriage.  It also extends to include all consequences a spouse can face for leaving his or her marriage. These can  include loss of investments  established in marriage, social disapproval for  existing  marriages , and other  reasons  that make  spouses feel unable to  exit marriage,  irrespective of situation . Commitment is always a product of satisfaction as well as dependence.  Therefore, Commitment becomes the intention to remain in a marriage and is made of satisfaction) and the inability to exit.


To conclude, marriage is a social institution that needs endurance.  Despite the fact that it is one of the highly rewarding institutions, it is also a challenging commitment one ever makes. If two imperfect individuals get married, there is bound to become trouble sooner or later. But with some excellent individuals to help, spouses can make it in tough times to tell that the other side is good.  Couples need to fight for each other to make their marriage stronger.

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