Marketing GITEX Event Through Social Media

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Required Contents> 
include the following items though the items are not included in Appendix 2: Cover Letter, Title Page, Proprietary Notice, Table of Contents, and Executive Summary. 

Appendix A. ((Detailed Budget))

The budget should include a comprehensive list of income and expense items. Students are expected to research expenses by contacting real vendors as needed. Assumptions may need to be made – just explain what they are. Students will create an overall event budget estimate including all projected income and expense items. All the detailed revenue and expenses items should be listed using the quantity and unit cost columns. The most important aspect is to provide the rationale and back-up (real estimates) for your decisions. 

Appendix B. ((Timeline and Production Schedule)) 

create both a timeline and a production schedule for their respective events. A production schedule extends from set-up of the event by facility and event staff, through guest arrival, into the event itself, and through break-down of the event. A real production 
schedule would start with the first moment of set-up – usually hours (and sometime days) before guests arrive. A timeline should extend from the first day of planning through event wrap-up. You may create a Gantt chart or you may put the timeline in a table format or another format that seems more effective – whatever works for you. The timeline should include the tasks to be completed, deadlines, who is responsible for completing which tasks (people, not committees), etc. This timeline should allow anyone planning this event in the future to pick it up and know exactly what they need to do when to recreate the event. 

III. General Assignment Information 

Students are expected to do research as needed to complete the project and assignments, including asking for clarification on assignment expectations and instructions. 
As graduate students, you are expected to write professionally and proof your work! For research assignments, APA style in citation (in text), references, and formatting is strongly suggested. 

Please add Timeline and Production Schedule and Detailed Budget 

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